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rf2 Build 146 Released...

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by tjc, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. tjc


  2. MarcG

    Premium Member

    Lots of good things in this update, tire degradation especially.
  3. mydriaz

    Premium Member

    Thank you for the good news& links.
  4. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    I added an link to the article about the build in your post tjc.
    Hope it has some good improvements, and no hidden issues.
    I'll try to do my "mini mini review" about it, after testing.
  6. First impression - i like how it automatically switches the AI to be driving the same vehicle as you, rather than when i usually forget and then have to go back and change it (cant just be me!) :D

    Same as usual settings and the F2, Meganes and 'Vette I tried felt a little more alive, in a good way. I seemed to be hitting my PBs rather easily and felt nicely connected with each vehicle going round Silverstone GP.
    Maybe improvements, maybe Im just having a good day!

    Looks like I need to work out how to move the info overlay back down the screen as I dont like it at the top.
  7. Colors look somewhat better to me...maybe it is because of the changes in the sky? Rubber on the track seems more natural too. Had nice fun with the Clio today. I still think that performance needs to be improved...but the fps with others cars on the grid is stable and not so low.
  8. MarcG

    Premium Member

    Is Resume From Replay working for anyone? Crashes in various stages for me before I even get into a car :(
  9. My initial impressions are ............wow. Huge improvement. All I've driven is the vette and 370z around sebring, but it's unbelievable. You feel connected to the road at all times, no icy deadzone slides. The tire scrub sound is damn good and provides as a good hint to how hard you're pushing it. The ffb kicks in the opposite way when you start to break traction, allowing you to feel the car throughout a slide. I can honestly say that this is some of the best ffb i've felt, ever. I know the visuals arent as stunning, but they do a nice job of capturing the race atmosphere and is miles better than original rfactor. Until I get my hands on AC, this is my top ride at the moment :)

    P.S. Does anyone else have an issue where everything gets brighter in cockpit mode? Sometimes I cant even see out of my mirrors because of the brightness.
  10. MarcG

    Premium Member

    Another known issue from the very start, wish ISI would concentrate on fixing issues now that the game is supposedly out of beta!
  11. Have you tested the F1 series yet? I took a break from this game for a while because i was getting frustrated with the physics and "icy deadzones". Might have to re-download my client and give it another go. :)
  12. With some new global/game logitech profiles I learnt from the r3e section, and this new build, I felt I could push the F2s much harder than before with much more positive input from the wheel. Cars felt more predictable and balanced as they should be.
    I really felt like I could really get behind the car and push hard. I'm sure the new wheel setup also helped, as I turned things back and was snapping all over the place like before. Felt like I was hitting apexes with ease.

    Broken shower and leaky boiler means I've not had much track time since this release!
    Defo worth another crack if you haven't tried the last few builds I would say.
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  13. Bruno Sousa Ferreira

    Bruno Sousa Ferreira
    Strategy Mister!

    now I have to test this new build.
  14. Could someone describe what they mean with "icy deadzones"? I had purchased but refunded b/c i lacked some feel but couldnt quite put my finger on it.
  15. Well I never bothered with rfactor2 since GSC2012 came out, 3 or more builds back. I only updated to the latest build because I entered the clio league.

    I have to say I am very very impressed, the feel of the clio is as good if not better than the mini in GSC2012. the graphics have improved massively in fact the complete sim has really improved to the point that I am now only racing on this title.

    I just love it, and really feel confidante in my limited experience as a sim racer that I can hold my own finally. A huge massive thumbs up :thumbsup:
  16. MarcG

    Premium Member

    This build has pulled me back in somewhat, the last one released over Xmas did'nt really help as I was'nt home that much.

    One thing I did get used too was the Resume From Replay, appears to be completley bust in this build which is annoying as hell as I cant do my usual "20mins a night Enduro style race" over the course of a week. Apart from that the FFB feels even better, presumably due to the Tire model update, the C6 is good and sounds great, plus a clear windscreen (finally) none of that reflective crap that you get in the other cars (which STILL suffer from it since the first build, annoying!).

    My worry is now that we're supposedly out of Beta why are ISI releasing Builds with previous features broken? And bugs still remaining from the very first build? Dont understand this at all, sure its an ever work in progress Sim but you have to draw the line somewhere and fix things and make sure Builds work better than the previous one surely!?! Really dont get it, maybe theyre still aiming for an Official Gold Release?!? dunno, hopefully someone can enlighten me!
  17. Maybe they're just worried in finishing everything that is core and physics based and then they'll start really "bugfixing".
    I don't really care about how much time we have to wait for gold, I'm enjoying the sim already. My best is that they wont be releasing the gold version before AC is released, they surely want to see how good the competition really is and how much they want or need to improve.
  18. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    The rumors about the game being out of beta, or still rumours to me. I have not seen any official announcement, or seen anything on the ISI site.
    The forum has changed, and that might suggest it is out of beta, but it is not finished. Some functions are still to be implemented, and some licenses is still being worked on.

    Also, I understood that those who bought the game in BETA, and have a year subsciption, would be informed that their year has started, as the first half year was passed long ago and was extended undefinately untill release. I havent seen anything about that as well.

    So, its still in BETA to me, but finally improving a lot again. Seems like they are slowly getting back on track.
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  19. Hard to understand how they choose to communicate, but it's there.

    And yes rFactor 2 is out of beta, it's now describe as an ongoing evolutionary process like iRacing or MMOs
    I guess that was the only way to remove the beta tag atm and stop the constant complaining about the length of the beta period. But seeing how quiet and unclear they are about this I assume they are still not comfortable with the current state of rF2.

  20. MarcG

    Premium Member

    yeah would like the core of the game done first as well but no reason why they cant fix one year old bugs a long the way, especially as their excuse always seems to be "track makers dont work on physics, coders dont work or cars" etc Fair point about AC, sooner that comes out the better!

    Not rumours, the official site listed RF2 as Beta last year and when the forums were recently updated so was the official site removing the word Beta from the pages. Sure still feels like Beta to me so agree there but ISI have moved on from that now it seems, hence my frustration at broken builds being released.....kinda like we're stuck in limbo before Gold if ISI ever get around to using that terminolgy, June if they ever do (see below).

    As for the year subscription Tim Wheatley posted this on the 7th Jan:

    EDIT: We have also decided to end the 'free' online usage period for testers in June, 2014. This means those who purchased the standard version with the yearly renewal, prior to today, will renew then. Those who purchase the standard version after today will have to renew yearly, starting January 2014.