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RF2 advice about Pcars

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by jimortality, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. jimortality


    Yes this is in the right forum. Has any RF2ers played Pcars? If so, will you be playing the full release in March? My problem is, everytime I try and play another sim it doesn't match up to what I've become used to on RF2. I can play GSCE but that is about it really so I don't want to be spending £35 on Pcars only to be disappointed. If the general consensus is to steer clear then I'm going to go with that. I've come to trust what you guys think. I still have lots to achieve with RF2 and unless other sims start to raise their game to match the FFB and road feel then I can't see me playing anything other than RF2. To me, you guys seem to be the most experienced and skilled sim racers on this forum (Don't tell the others lol) but the bottom line is, I don't want to waste money when I'll just come back to RF2.
  2. Tomaz Selcan

    Tomaz Selcan

    I bought pcars in earlier state, few years ago. Graphics improved, but FFB and physics are still differnet from car to car. Some are quite good, some are bad. But i don't think you will enyoj it if you only play rf2, game would be perfect with better physics and ffb, maybe better optimization for pc.
  3. William Wester

    William Wester

    In my opinion, pCARS is getting very good but it feels different (physics, FFB) than rFactor, same as AC, R3E, GSC, etc., they all feel somewhat different. To me I like the variety, I buy and enjoy them all but I'm a master of none mostly because of this. The differences are not that important (within reason) to me but of coarse a few sims rise to the top based on my preferences. Moral of the story, whether pCARS will be worth it to you will be dependent on if or how well you can or want to adapt.
    pCARS "will not" be an rFactor 2 clone which is fine with me but my guess is you won't like it.
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  4. jimortality


    Thanks guys. I just love the feel from RF2 so that has become my benchmark for sims which in my own opinion, it is the best feeling out of all the current sims but that's not what I'm asking in here. I see videos of Pcars, it does look good but that's not enough for me now, I need the feel!!!!
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  5. ouvert


    any advice on FFB settings in rF2 pls.. tried it yesterday (latest demo) and it felt really bad .. I would say even worst than AC ... thanx a sry for OT
  6. Tomaz Selcan

    Tomaz Selcan

    I bought rf2 at begining of beta stage and refund it for bad optimization which didn't run very well on my ati card. But in that time FFB was different, better in my opinion. Now i'm not sure anymore, it's good but i don't think it is as good as it was, didn't try renault clio yet but i think they changed something and i prefer AC ffb more. But i will play rf2 because it has everything AC doesn't, night, rain..i wish tracks would be scanned, it's really a suffer driving on Nurburgring or Spa with elevation and corners all wrong. Pcars still beats rf2 in some ways, track accuracy(but they don't have modded tracks and vehicles), and i think that headlights are to strong in dark, if you are driving in nordschleife in rf2 you have too much vision, not that much realistic, i think pcars nailed that better. I think you should buy pcars in sale for maybe 25$ dollars or something, because this is realistic price i think.
    I'm really courius how AC team will handle Mclarn P1, because in Pcars is just horrible to drive, much power, not that much grip as you would expect.
  7. Bez

    All the gear, no idea...

    Decent review of pcars
  8. I see they've finally addressed the lack of mass which caused the car to bounce up/down at unusually high frequency, when going over curbs or on contacting objects.
    That problem was most annoying for me and played a big part of the reason I gave it back to them.
    It looks a lot better now (going by that video).