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rF HighVoltage Kers and Drs

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Jebus, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. Any way to get this to work with Formula Reiza?

    I tried it, did everything as instructed in readme, but it gives 'rfactor.exe not found' error.
  2. To make GID Hud to work with GSC we need to rename GSC.exe to rFactor.exe, maybe this will work that way too.
  3. Thanks. That did the trick to start rf_highvoltage.exe.

    But I can't get the damn thing to work. Configuring buttons works and it plays drs enabled sound in game but nothing happens. I have exactly the same end speed before braking. KERS doesn't seem to do anything either.

    Problem seems to be that there's no .rfm file anywhere inside the GSC2012 install dir. Instructions tells to edit that file.

    Any ideas?
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  4. Yeap, the .rfm file should be inside of the GSC2012.exe.

    Yesterday I was trying to add a refuel option, mixing the F.Reiza 1.7 version with the current one, but no luck either.