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Retrovisores sem Imagem (no mirrors picture)

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Pedro Arcanjo, Nov 14, 2015.

  1. Pessoal, só tem imagem nos retrovisores do Opala 86 e do Lancer. Todos os outros carros os retrovisores são totalmente cinza, sem imagem nenhuma.

    Guys, only have the image mirrors in the Opala 86 and Lancer. All other rear-view cars are completely gray without any image.
  2. PieterN


    Did you try switching the mirrors on ? Normally that's done with 3 on the keyboard.
  3. Yes, i have tried press 3...:( Continue gray.

    Sim, eu tentei apertar o 3, mas tudo continua cinza.
  4. PieterN


    Maybe you can report it in the bug report thread. (are you running version 1.50 ?)
  5. Yes, i am running V1.50. I will report it in the bug report thread.

    Sim, eu estou rodando a versão 1.50. Eu irei reportar isso na sessão de bugs.
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