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Resignation from the Codemasters Forums

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Chris, Sep 15, 2012.

  1. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    I am officially giving up on the Codemasters forum for F1 2012. Some of the people are down right ridiculous, and are just there to try and ruin the game for everyone else by constantly moaning about how terrible they think the game will be, even though they haven't played a single second of the full version.

    It is with great pleasure that I announce my full allegiance to the Racedepartment forum, for the sheer fact that the IQ level on here is about 100 points higher than that of the CM forums. And the people here are genuinely nicer people.

    Thank you Racedepartment creators and moderators for making this online community a place of civil and educated discussion. :)

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  2. welcome.
  3. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Well, they dedicate their free time to mocking a game they don't like and try to make the developers feel miserable. That alone is reason enough to feel sorry for them. :)
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  4. The people here actually care about racing.

    Was talking to someone I know the other day and when I mentioned a close finish as one of the greatest races ever, Abu Dhabi 2010, Seb's first world title, the other person said something like, "There was no action, no crashes!". >_>

    People here are genuine racers. It's the best Sim-racing forum on the planet.
  5. Back in the day when CM was making LMA manager i was an active member of the forum (still a member, just not active). People was complaining about things, i complained about the obvious bug which was goal keepers learning the skills of defenders, Midfielders learning the skills of attackers etc. This ment the game was broke in my opinion, the CM staff was saying they don't see these problems etc. It was annoying but it was obvious with almost everyone complaining about the same problems.

    Anyway to cut a long story very short, people moved on to complaining about other things within the game, like a striker who failed to score after defeating the GK. At that point i moved to join a forum and help moderate the forum before eventually making my own forum, i lost interest in the CM forum and to be honest i don't see myself going back to been an active member on that site.

    This forum is like another home to me, i spend a lot of time on this forum and another forum (that is for pirate games, which i'm working on, and have been for a few years now). I can honestly say that RD is the best sim racing forum i have ever seen (and i have been on many forums in my time, not joining them just visiting them). I had hoped that CM would have changed by now, but i guess been the main forum for games they have/are developing that is a big ask, as there will alway's be a group of people who want bigger and better things.

    If you go to the EA site you will see people complaining about the sims 3, expansion packs etc, its just the way it is. Thankfully there opinions are kept on those sites and not so many spread there wings and post their bad feelings on this and other sites like this.

    BTW, welcome to RD bud.;)
  6. Well most of people do the same if they are in the CM forums
    only moaning is Important there but not the Answer for the Problem they are facing
    Welcome back to RD Mate :)
  7. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    I am fairly active over there, in fact I just posted a couple of minutes ago. However it is wearing a bit thin now, the constant harping on about how bad this or that is, usually by people who should really go back to playing with their Tonka Toys. I'm no expert, but some of the things that are said are outrageous.

    This is the first time I am hoping that CM does NOT listen to the forum and tweak the game in response. It's a shame really because some of the good posters with sensible ideas or opinions are essentially drowned out by the dross.

    Current latest post ..... how unfair it is to have your engine cut in and out when you are off the track, as it slows you down too much. Sheesh!
  8. Lordy! :(
  9. I too am sick of the cm forum at present. The "demo" that Codies have produced for me to play for free is very pleasing! The new handling model to me feels more like driving a car, the steering is more precise, braking distance does seem a little longish.

    But there is no need for all the absolute drivel that is being spouted. So have decided to be a more active member here as allowed to just logging in to look for set up help :)
  10. Makes me think about how well known these forums are in the sim-racing world. You would think developers would come here for realistic responses and then go to a private beta or alpha for arcade responses and then mix the two. That seems to be what they've done here, isn't it?
  11. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    RD forums are very well known. It heavily depends on what a developer wants to achieve (cater the hardcore sim fans, release a mainstream game etc.) if they're trying to use all resources available, tho. :)
  12. I personally think that this is still not perfect but its better than it was, i think you should be effected by going off the track and those who often do go off track are the ones who will alway's complain about this. My responce to that would have been, practise harder to stay on the track then and avoid those short cuts.
  13. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    ..... and that is essentially what I replied too. Stay within the white lines and within the rules, and you won't be affected.

    I suppose we could discuss how it's done, because most reasonable drivers would have liked to see less grip off the track on different surfaces. CM have appeared to have gone for a more simplified system of just cutting the throttle. As long as it is effective, that is the main thing.

    It's just all this "Boo! Hoo! It's not fair" stuff that irks me a bit :)
  14. If you want real, useful info related to the game- just look here.

    if you want a bunch of dinks who know nothing, and claim to know everything, go there...

    i gave up on that crap foum long ago... and my enjoyment of the game has gone up...
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  15. yeah I tend to stay away from game developer forums...

    I use very very very few (bioware, ubisoft)

    ...found RD looking for "f1 steering wheels" one day

    and here I am :p
  16. Those forums over there are beyond a joke, kids acting like the spoiled little brats that most of them are.

    And a massive lack of decent Moderating just encourages the rubbish.

    Hardly any of them would have a clue on just what goes into creating something like f1 2012.

    I know every game has it's faults, and F1 2012 has it's share as well.

    But it's a huge step up in form compared to the past two games.