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Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Eifion Evans, Sep 18, 2011.

  1. F1 2010's replays were terrible, not enough proper broadcast style camera angles and far too many of those dreaded Dirt style flying/spinning shots. I was hoping theu were gone for F1 2011 but when videos started to appear on youtube I feared the worst, well they are back with a vengeance.

    From 6:30 theres a replay of Spa and it looks worse than last years version :mad:

    I know many people dont care about replays but I've enjoyed watching them ever since racing games gave us the option to. I'd like to watch back my races from the perspective of a fan watching a race on a Sunday afternoon but CM insistance on these cartoon replays just ruins it. These flying cams dont give you the sense of speed the car carries through turns, doesn't clealry show you the lines you take and they just look naff pplain and simple. /rant
  2. They improved with the main stuff and leave the little bits alone, to them it is little to us gamers who like to make videos for entertainment it is very shocking and annoying to have these annoying camera shots.
  3. In all honesty, I find these complaints about replays utterly ridiculous and annoying. Seriously, do they affect the racing? No they don't so doesn't affect the gameplay in anyway. As well as this, they cannot be saved so they're completely unimportant. They show everything that you need to see so I don't see why so many people get so annoyed at them.
  4. James Robertson

    James Robertson

    If you race in a league like may of us here do you come to realise their value.

    Some of the after race post mortems and bickering could be easily resolved with a decent replay system.

    I sometimes enjoy the post race handbags more than the racing itself....lol
  5. The angles on the current replays show absolutely everything you need to see, plus from what I hear there's several angles you can choose from, you can easily solve such things with the current replay system.
  6. James Robertson

    James Robertson

    In 2010 you cannot do a replay after a multi player race, so unfortunately we cant solve anything.

    Will be nice to have in 2011 though, some people will no doubt be doing some really nice race edits.
  7. I didn"t see any icon to change cars in the replay either,so the replay system in CM's F1 is crap just like last year.We've gotten so spoiled by ISI's great replay system,but they care more about racing than $.
  8. James Robertson

    James Robertson

    Oh no....you joking, what a let down
  9. I love CM's F1 so don't get me wrong.Just so used to being able to save replays and watch them later is great to me.Especially online races.Watching myself drive from the person behind me is very cool.Sorry if you hate replays but I love them.
  10. There's no denying that CM's replays are bloody awefull. You can't even save a replay file ffs, no that I'd want to given how crap they look.
  11. Think people are being far too overdramatic and exaggerating it a bit. Am I the only one that thought they were good enough to see what you need to see? The only thing I'd have said needed improving was the length but everything else was fine.
  12. No. We need replays so we can see the perspective from like every other cars position and not just yours.
  13. You can change cars in replays now you do know that right?
  14. Really? for the whole race? I was under the impression it was only for "incidents" that the game felt were important enough to record a little bit of.

    Full replays rFactor style is what I want to see.
  15. If post multiplayer replays are available, you can atleast run fraps then instead during the race as not to have it cut in on your fps.
  16. if only the game would be even more epic, but that won't be happening in the next 2 years i can gurantee that, CM is predictable.
  17. Yeah, I dont expect huge changes in their games for the forseable future whilst they still use the archaic EGO engine.