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Replay cameras in BTB Track ???

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by jacken64, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. Why can not we get replay from vulnerable cameras along the road in BTB track.
    nobody can fix it ??? :rolleyes:
    That's half the fun to see the replays:fwd:
    Forgive my bad English:facepalm:
  2. You have to give us more, i don't understand vulnerable cameras? If you meant tracking cameras like in F1 tv broadcast, they are there, just click camera icon and add a few.. Or do you mean TV cameras that don't track your car but are stationary i like to know that trick too, just noticed that in Nordsleife there are couple of cameras that don't track..

    Or perhaps it's those cameras that can break if you drive in to them, that is not possible at all..
  3. When I have created a BTB track
    I have problems to getting the camera to work in RBR.
    but it works in the R-factor

    Sorry guys for my bad English:frown:
  4. The cameras doesn´t work in Rbr. Only in Rfactor. Nothing to do about that unless your a coder..
  5. ... even if you're a coder, they would probably not work. The original rbr format (with working cameras) has completely different system.
    But - for small go-around tracks you can build your track very low - around 0 meter in height and close to the 0,0 (xy) point - where yellow lines cross in 2D View - then you can have one more outside camera. See for example Kytt's Laitse Rally Park.
  6. okay I understand. it was a pity:frown:
  7. Yes, I created the "SS industry" in this way