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Formula RaceRoom 3 @ Nurburgring GP (Club Event) (LIVE)

Mods Replay Cam Mod (No Onboards) 0.8

Replays without onboard cameras for rx tracks and stages

  1. JCabri submitted a new resource:

    RX Replay Cam Mod - New set of cams without onboard cams

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  2. This is really really great! I hope you can make this for every track! I love it so much.
  3. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    Awesome work, just absolutely bloody awesome!
  4. @JCabri Hey man, I love this. Its almost exactly what I have been hoping someone would be able to finally crack some of the camera views.

    Question: How much are you able to control on the Greek replay cameras? Are you editing each camera on the stage?

    If you are able to edit each camera, can you try this at some place appropriate on the stage. I would really like to have a spectator camera were you are waiting for the car to pass, and you hear it in the distance, then it passes and you watch/hear it for a few seconds into the distance. I see you were able to do this on some places, at least after the car passed. I know it would rob time from some other views, but this is how I always see it as a spectator in RL.

    Oh yea, he RX camera is perfect! It makes the replay very enjoyable.
  5. Hi, and thank you

    I'm not able to edit all cameras. In this case (the greek Fourketa Kourva track), I only delete some camera from replay config file, and edit another ones exchanging some onboards to a GP_Onboard (Codemasters name of this cam). And then, i use HeliCam Mod to edit this GP_Onboard.

    It was more easy to edit the RallyCross cams, because there are only a few cameras on track. Deleting some of this cams, we have this result. It's possible too to edit the position of a every cam via x/y coordinates.

    The only thing that i don't know yet is how the replay system make the switch between every cam. Maybe there is a timeline/position of the every single track (as Assetto Corsa), but i'm not able to find how to control this.

    Maybe i will try to ask Codemasters if them can give some info about this.

    If i find a solution or i can improve this mod i will upload more replay config files.

    As you say, i like too to hear and to see the replays like i'm a spectator of a real rally, not a crazy video clip with constant camera changes.

    Here is a another cam mod I have done for Assetto Corta track called Los Marteles.
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  6. @JCabri the Asset Corsa is almost exactly what I am talking about. Keep hacking at it in DR though, I'd love to have some different camera views, even if not exactly what we all want. More mods/options is always better.

    BTW: is there a way to modify the heli cam to get a little closer?
  7. Yes. Inside the car folder, there is a cameras.xml (You have to convert to txt with BinXML and edit)

    Search the cam you want to edit (in this case ident="Onboard_GP")
    I have changed the z value here
    <Parameter name="reverse_position" type="vector3" x="0.0000" y="-1.000" z="5.0" />

    But it's possible to edit other values like FOV, etc...
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  8. I can't believe I didn't write thank you note for this. Actually I think I did but it must be some kind moderators mistake and they delete it. :p
    Or at least I know I think I did wrote something... ahh can't remember now.
    I can see my review now, it's the first one actually.:alien: Dunno how I didn't see it before.
    Thank you for you mod, I think I spend almost the same amount of time editing (mostly on board ones) cameras than playing those same games.:x3: rFactor was my most time consuming game in this field and I never publish any of those but I am one quite popular (over 10.000 DL, for now) for F1 2014 - published here. Anyway... enough about me :D what I was trying to say is... I love cameras editing and I alwey feel bothered with the way Codemasters treat them, you know... all those "flying around car" and "mount on impossible places on car" with often way too big FOV cameras. That's most obvious on ther "F1" series but also on "DiRT". And, it's funny... seems they realise that by them selves... I know, I tried all of them - there's much less those kind of cameras in F1 2015 then in F1 2010, and all the rest in series, much less in DiRT Rally now than in DiRT 1, 2, 3,...
    So, anyway... to cut long story short... thank you. May I ask two question though.
    Don't you think it's some kind of bug now, I'm not sure is it like this before - that when we're in helicopter camera we can hear co-driver ? And, another, how did you choose which one camera will you use in RX track, did you tried all of them and choose the one that has a look at whole track or you simple delete all but one and leave it that way ?
    There's no mistakes from your side, I'm just curious. I'm camera man after all. :)
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2016
  9. Kontijarvi cams are almost like in RBR now and that was what i miss in Dirt Rally, i realy hope you continue doing this for all the tracks because i love your mod, now it is muth more fun wathing replays!!
    I am not to muth of a helicopter cam fan thou.
    Keap up the god work : )
  10. Thank you!! ;)
  11. Hi
    I like also to edit the cameras of simulators to have more realistic angles and avoid arcade replays with one camera every 2 seconds ;)

    About your questions, with the original DIRT helicopter cam you can hear the co-driver. In my mod for Fourketa Kourva I have changed some onboards with the HeliCam Mod. With this camera there is'nt codriver sound.

    And the second question, it was a lottery. In RX tracks there is only a few cam's. For the Hell (the last I have made), I have tried some cameras, with the luck to hit in the second test. I have moved the position and elevation of the cam (x/z/y). And then, I have set the same camera for all "triger zones" in the replay config file.
    For the other two RX tracks (my really first try to edit), I have deleted all cameras but one and tweaked the FOV of this one.

    Gently I will try with more tracks, but it's no easy. Working with these xml files, I can't find a logical order of the cameras. There is elements called "Trigger zones" with a values Box01, Box02 etc, but this is not the real order. The key would be to know how is the timeline in the track, or how does it work the switching. I believe that every camera have a radius of action, but i'm not sure.

    I believe that, in the end, Codemasters would be more faster fixing this... if they want, obviously.
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  12. DUDE! Those are near perfect. I am sure its taken a lot of work, but trust me, this is the way (or an option) that Codies should have done their cameras. I like the inside driver stuff too, however, I like this so much more. This reminds me of being there. The camera shake in the far off zooms, the imperfections of the landscape getting in the way at times, the long shots of hearing then seeing, its all perfect! cannot praise you enough for your efforts.
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  13. kontijarvi cams is my favorite ! AWSOM : )
  14. What happened to your other replay mod? Have you been got at by Codemasters?
  15. Ole Marius Myrvold

    Ole Marius Myrvold
    JWB 96-13 Staff

    There was no other, the "other" linked to this. I think there was a little mistake from our brilliant modder :)
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