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replay attack

Discussion in 'Racer' started by membrillo, Dec 14, 2015.

  1. it's possible to load any replay in a session practice to do twin drifts? i'm temporarily without gpu and intel igpu only works with old 0.6.5 without ghostcar option, thx
  2. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    no i think not...
  3. is there a way i can upload the replay to yt without a screen recorder or camera?
  4. Only if the formats for racer and yt are compatible.
  5. is an rpl file a video format?
  6. not really, if I remember correctly. It only stores the data that was recorded.
    I believe that you can run the .rpl file and record it as a video file, check
    racer.nl for the keys to press, I think it's F12, but not sure as I haven't made one in a
    long time.
  7. In my experience FRAPS is just worth buying if you can afford it. It makes Racer replays much easier to get great results from.

    Then again I think Ruud re-worked the replay system in a more recent release, if you have it.

  8. f12 is screenshot
  9. being 78 my memory isn't too good. Here is the info you need.

    Replays and making a video with Racer ver 0.090rc5:

    See: http://www.racer.nl/tutorial/replays.htm

    Run a race.
    At end of race press F2 key to run replay, left click on -> next to black square to start the replay
    At end of replay click red dot to save the replay.
    Go back to menu and select "view replay" and select the one you just saved.
    At end of replay select the far right icon (looks like film).
    enter fps, 24 is good. Select the location and name to save the file, ie lambo.avi
    Let the replay run twice to get video and sound.
    Look in racer folder for replay_TEMP.avi and replay_TEMP.wav files.
    Use Windows Movie Maker to make a video with sound.

    - Replay exporting development using DirectShow (instead the ancient VideoForWindows) to get better video files. May requires openglfilter.ax to be registered (run 'regsvr32 /s openglfilter.ax').
    See http://www.racer.nl/index.php?jump=tutorial/replays.htm
    - Replay export using DirectShow (replay.video.type=2) now requests a filename (intermediately generates replay_TEMP.avi and replay_TEMP.wav).
    - Replay format changed; now stores the driver names as well and can display those in replays (if show_names=1 in racer.ini).
    The replay format, V4.1, is incompatible with previous replay formats which won't run.
  10. When i do it, it says something about khz, not fps...and also, if it is recording slow, will my fps in the vid be the same?
  11. I don't remember anything about khz, check with the racer.nl link.
    It may record slow but the fps will be ok.
  12. It recorded slow, but when i went to watch, the quality was awful and the framerate was bad. i used windows movie codecs 1 and im on racer 0655
  13. my section of racer.ini for ver 0.903 which may be adapted for ver 0655.
    good luck!
    ; Replay to load/view
    ; Request file instead of using replay.file?
    ; Generic full-race replay buffer size (in bytes)
    ; Ghost-car replay buffer size
    ; Recording interval (ms per step, default=100 which is 10Hz)
    ; Load standard replay (test.rpl) instead of actual replay?
    ; Automatically save replay on race end?
    ; Video recording of replays (the movie clipboard icon while running a replay) - 0=TGA's, 1=AVI, 2=DirectShow (requires codecs)
    ; Type of output: 0=TGA's, 1=AVI, 2=DirectShow (requires codecs)
    ; If type=2 (DirectShow): compressor codec name; depends on the installed Video Compressor codecs.
    codec=Microsoft Windows Media Video 9
    compressor=Microsoft Windows Media Video 9
    ; Alternative storage location (leave empty to store replay files in data/dump)
    ; If defined, this will use the filename <heat>_<date>_<time>.rpl
  14. if i do DirectShow, will my format be wmv?
  15. I don't know anything about DirectShow other than it uses codecs and I have
    no knowledge of the codecs on your system but if you have the wmv 9 listed in
    the ini it might. You just have to try it and se.

    As with most of racer's features you have to try various things out.