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Renovatio SRD-9c support?

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by gongo, Mar 1, 2016.

  1. Is anybody using an external dash like the SRD-9c? I'm thinking about getting one and wanted to know if it's working with AMS. I figure it will since it works with rF1, rF2, and SCE, but I just wanted to check.

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  2. Uff


    There is no AMS plugin yet, but I think they will release it soon. :) I'm waiting for it too.
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  3. Played some more AMS last night, now I'm totally sold getting the SRD-9c for total immersion. Already modded my G25 pedals with the GTEYE brake spring (moved the old brake spring to the clutch, old clutch spring to the throttle) and I'm mounting a Momo 320mm steering wheel + extended paddles this weekend. My GT Omega wheel stand arrives tomorrow.

    The crazy part is, all of this only costs what a normal weekend of HPDE costs at the track. Sure, it's not the same and I still miss doing HPDE events, but I'm thinking that sim racing will scratch the itch for me without breaking the bank like the real deal.
  4. Got my SRD-9c today and I'm happy to report that it does work in AMS.
    Just create a copy of AMS.exe and rename it to GSC.exe, then manually point the plugin install to the Automobilista folder.

    The blue LEDs are *bright*!
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  5. Uff


    Nice trick, I'll try it too.
  6. So I tried editing the XML file for SRD M2 and no matter what I do, I can't get it to see AMS.exe. Oh well, for now I'll just keep it renamed to GSC.exe to make the display work and we'll wait for an update to SRD Manager 2.7.3. I already posted to Renovatio's Facebook page that it works by renaming the exe so hopefully they post a new version of the software soon.

    I really like that the lap time and split time are shown temporarily every time you pass a timing marker. Combined with the Spotter plugin it makes for a lot of fun during practice and qualifying because you really feel like you're making progress and getting encouragement.

    I have mine set to use the F1 Progressive shift meter so that I'm not always being blinded by the blue lights (I start to shift on the first or second blue light). The fuel gauge works great and the low fuel indicator also comes up nicely too. For some reason the yellow flag indicator doesn't come up during some sessions, but I need to pay closer attention to when that's happening.

    The SRD-9c is really neat and I think it adds a lot to the immersion factor for this game.
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  7. Uff


    Version has been released with full support to Automobilista. :)
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  8. Great addition. I like how it can display the fuel remaining, and also the lap times/split times followed by a red or green LED depending on if you're slower or faster. I haven't been able to get the yellow flag warning to light up even though the icon shows up in the upper left corner of the screen.

    It took some trial and error however on where to get the coiled usb cable to attach onto the wheel, without it getting tangled up during turning and interfering with left paddle shifting. It seems the best location for me is directly underneath the base.

    But I can now race on a clean screen without the HUD enabled. This thing is pretty awesome. I highly recommend it.
  9. It's very immersive. I turn off the wheel and move the camera very far forward so that I just see the top of the dash now since I have the instruments on my SRD-9c.

    I also can't get the yellow flag to show, I'm guessing it's for the same reason that the Spotter plugin doesn't work properly during races. Reiza must have modified the ScoringInfo struct causing some issues with older plugins. They really need to release an updated SDK header file so that we can get these things to work.

    The other possibility is that DynHUD could be hogging the updates stream and I'm pretty certain that only 1 plugin can use the update stream at a time.

    Anyway, I have my SRD-9c display mounted to the top of my G25 base with some velcro. I thought about getting the wheel mount but I didn't want to increase the amount of weight that the wheel has to turn in the first place and I didn't want to deal with the whole mess of the dangling coiled up cord getting caught on anything. Also, the base model is cheaper too!

    I've tested the SRD-9c with Dirt 3, GRID Autosport, SCE, AMS, and rF 2. It's really a great accessory and I can't imagine playing without it now. Being able to customize the RPM display is pretty awesome too.

    I set mine up with the F1 Progressive RPM lights, with Fuel/Lap time on the left and Speed/Split on the right, the red LED is my fuel warning and green LED is my RPM red zone warning. And I set neutral to 'n' instead of '0', though I wish it could be set to '-' or ' ' instead. For Dirt 3 and GRID Autosport I set my fuel display to Lap Number and turn off my fuel warning light since there are no pit stops.
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  10. How'd you set up the left (and right) leds to display 2 different values? Also, as there's a registration, are there any features missing w/o the license (as it's taking them some time to reply to my registration, though just sent it out few hours ago). And one more thing, when I made my first try with AC and AMS (though not long as my AMS crashes with Dynhud), the horizontal red lines on the led display remain, so it ruins the display of my left (lap times) and right (speed) displays. Perhaps can you send me your sample setup via PM? :) Thanks.
  11. tylargh

    twitch.tv/tylargh Premium Member

    OH! I just did a DIY dashboard project tonight :)

    It's not an LED dash, but it uses a 5" capacitive touchscreen that mounts to my wheel via a 3D-printed enclosure. Here's a picture of it:


    The DIY thread is in the iRacing forums, so you can't see the link if you don't have an account, but it was pretty simple. I'd be happy to give you a list of the items I bought plus the 3D files. Basically order the screen, an hdmi and usb cable, and send the 3D files to to be printed online. All in all costed me about $100. Software is whatever you want, but I run Z1 dashboard (about $20)

    Much cleaner than ghetto-rigging an android phone.

    I must admit though, that SRD-9c is really pretty
  12. Just wondering if Anyone has had a issue with the cable and the Input into the Rear of the Display ?
    After about 4 months of use the Cable became bent then started to intermittently work.
    I have just bought a new AMBK-9C which is the little PCB that the cable goes into the rear as the cable became quite loose due to the constant turning of the wheel, the Cable would hit the Wheel surrounds behind the paddle shifter and over time bend the cable and wreck the input.

    I did buy a 90degree right angle mini cable to use (ebay for $2.95) and it work for some time after, but the damage had been done already. I have said to Renovatio numerous times about this but they are still shipping out the standard cables for the G25/27. Not sure if those on Thrustmaster or Fanatec are having the same issue.

    Just a heads up if anyone buys one.
    I love the SRD-9C, Love it Can't fault it for what I want it to do, just the cable supplied lets it down.

    Link to the cable i bought- http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Univ...226204?hash=item3390c5fb9c:g:iwgAAOSwFTRTpXwG
  13. For me, that's why I just mount it on top of the wheel base (velcro). If I only knew before buying, I should have just bought the display w/o the mount.

    While at it, is there a way to have it automatically read the driven car's RPM range?