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Released Renault Scenic 2.0dCi AT

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by skybh, Sep 7, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    Since it's close to be finished and i've lost motivation for it i've decided to share it with you :)
    So the car has
    -scripted automatic gearbox
    -Scripted indicator
    -scripted panoramic
    -13 colors
    sounds by Lipton a bit modified by me
    About the gearbox you can change gear mode (R,N or D) only when you brake, so :
    -Brake + key n = switch to Neutral
    -Brake + key R = switch to reverse
    -Brake + key Z = switch to full/semi automatic mode
    Screen :


    Link :


    I hope you'll like it
    See readme.txt and script keys.txt for more information
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  2. 2o6


    Does this use the automatic curves, or the old automatic script?
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  3. No no, an other automatic script ;)
  4. I'm so amazed about this! Good job with scripted automatic gearbox, now driving in Racer will be more realistic and interesting. Also I liked panoramic window. I think car.ini is very good but suspension is quite too soft for me - I drove Renault Megane II which is similiar to Scenic and suspension was not as soft as in your car. I still think your cars are best ever made to Racer. Now I can't wait to drive your Clio I !! :D
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  5. Nice car, brake balance was off s/b 0.4/0.6 instead of 0.35/0.6 which gave a Qlog error.
    Had some problems with direction signals not always activating when E-key pressed and noted that there are only .rcx riles no .rsx whch is not the best for fixing them.
    Enjoyed the color changing bat file, nice.
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  6. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Finally took it for a drive. I love the ability to change the auto modes (D,N,R) however the auto itself was a bit weird. It wouldn't change up unless I took my foot off the accelerator and then put it on again, it wouldn't go into 1st going to a standstill and driving off again. Things like this.

    Apart from that, it's a really well made car, I just think the auto curves would work better. :)
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  7. Thanks,
    about turn signal, isn't the one from the Espace I better? I'm thinking maybe i keept old version for the scenic :S

    Thanks :)
    when it didn't change gear? in a downhill?
  8. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    On flats, anything really. It would hold the gear very high. If you take your foot off the accelerator, then on slightly it would change up.

    Really good car apart from that, will maybe have a go at auto curves on it :)
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  9. Hi guys, another Scenic ! (Yeah, annoying i know :p)

    This times it comes with some great features :)
    So this is the Phase 1 (2003-2006 version), and with 3 engines choices (1.5dCi/1.9dCi)
    It comes with an ESP/ABS script (ESP only active for 1.9dCi with a great "cheat" :p ),

    Also automatic handbrake (from Espace IV/Laguna II), scripted throttle responses (differents idles RPM for 1.9dCi, smoother acceleration )

    A turbo script (different comportement for 3 engines) and i think that's all for scripts

    About the "variants", you can chose between 15 officials colors, and 4 trims levels (not realy here, just "ambiances" like we had in france..)

    3 engine choices :
    1.5dCi 80(not aviable with the highest "ambiance" privilege)
    1.5dCi 100
    1.9dCi 120
    1.5 engines are fitted with 15" rims (ambiance dynamique and privileges has 16" alloy rims)
    1.9 can got optional 17" rims

    The best way to see it is to run configurateur.jar wich show you all colors and rims ;)

    I hope you'll like it

    And, the textures of front/rear lights is from blackhawk67

    Pictures :

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Links :
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