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Renault Scénic II phase 2 (Béta 1.0)

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by skybh, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. Hi everybody, today i decied to relase the lastest version of "my" scénic II
    I mean it have a fully new exterior and interior model, with more polies ^^
    It have cg shaders :
    -metalic paint effect (thanks to Stereo!)
    -bump mapping
    And the features of new racer versions :
    -Lights flares
    -Inst fuel cons display
    -Gearbox velocity instead of wheels velocity (more realistic)

    It's the 1.5dCi 106hp version with the TL4 six speeds manual gearbox, in dynamique trim level, with optional leather interior (easier to do lol)
    The color is Rouge de Feu métalisé and it has Kubera 16" rims
    btw, i relased it as beta bcz it should generate some qlog errors and i haven't taked a look at them, sorry guys

    Here is a preview image (showed in pic thread ^^)
    I think i said everything ! :p
    Here is the link :
  2. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    That looks amazing, good work Skybh :)
  3. Too bad it is CG.. at least for those of us who still can't use cg.. but then again.. at least we have something to look forward to :) It looks beautiful btw..
  4. nice car thanks Skybh

    This car looks really good only thing is that the back wheels are not showing up ( not sure if that's my car.ini setings or the car)
    the driving ( with steering wheel and pedals) is perfect handles very well and a comfortable drive around Taupo here's a screenie
    well worth the download of this beta version. Waiting with anticipation for the final

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  5. I discovered not one, but two errors xD
    Here is an update ;) :
  6. No critics? :(
  7. error.jpg

    Well, here's what I'm getting.
  8. The missing textures are because the texture files are in JPG format. They need to be in TGA.

    From mdbobbo's post, it seems I'm not the only one with super-brightness. The one on the right here is the new one, compared to the other two which are a previous version of this car, which seem more correctly lit.

  9. I've fixed it yet, it was wrong texture names in the .shd file ;)
    Take this :
    This is from the track, not the car, just change the time of day in the track and you'll see ;)
    Btw, for the guys who haven't download the car yet
    Take this :
  10. Fifty,
    .jpg images work in racer nearly as well as .tga's especially if they are not compressed. The .tga images need to be used for the alpha channel they have that gives transparency. I use a lot of .jpg's as they are usually smaller files than .tga's.
  11. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Out of curiosity, could someone upload a picture of the interior? Thanks!
  12. downloading ...
  13. sans_t10.jpg ... this saw is in 0.8.7 and 0.8.8 ... I'm with a 9400gt
  14. Do you have that cg file in your data/renderer/shader_hdr folder?
  15. yes
  16. There could be something wrong with that cg file. I'm not an expert on cg's so you'll have to wait for some one else to help with your problem.
  17. Are you sure?
    Do you play with HDR enabled?
    Because it looks strange! =S
  18. yes with or without HDR
  19. Hi. It's definitely not finding the shader, so either you're playing in LDR or you've got the shader in the wrong place (should be data/renderer/shaders_hdr, anywhere else it won't work).

    Skybh: you know you can change file paths when you link shaders, like you can in regular programming, right? So by changing the code after the #include paths, you can keep the shaders in your car's folder but link to Racer's default ones. something like:

    #include "../../../renderer/shaders_hdr/atmosphere.cg"

    Each set of ../ will take it up one folder, this is for a shader I have in my data/cars/my_car/cg folder.
  20. all is in the right place