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Skins Renault RS16 Blue & Yellow edition [Deleted]

Discussion in 'F1 2016 Mods' started by Roadkillergr, Nov 16, 2016.

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  1. Roadkillergr submitted a new resource:

    Renault RS16 Blue & Yellow edition - Simply changed the base colors to blue and yellow...

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  2. Really nice skin ! It's shame because the game immediatly stops when I want to start a race.. But thank you for the skin it is very nice !!
  3. Thank you! I'm gonna have a look again in case I experience any similar issues but so far I've had none unfortunately...
  4. So just tried to do a quick race and I didn't experience any crashes same case with career mode... At this point I would recommend replacing the "Lotus.assetgroup" file with your original one... As in the backup that you have. Try that and post a comment! Thx for the feedback btw!
  5. Roadkillergr updated Renault RS16 Blue & Yellow edition with a new update entry:

    Removed the "lotus.assetgroup" file from the mod

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  6. I still have the problem.. I have reinstalled the original "lotus.assetgroup" file, but the game still crashes.. It's shame
  7. Do you get a warning or does it just crash to desktop? Also, do you run a cracked version of the game because it might be the problem if that's the case... I can't trigger the issue myself on my end so it's somewhat difficult for me to help you right now... I apologise.
  8. It just crash to dekstop ! And I've baught the game..
    I use a sweet fx with my game, can it be the source of the problem ?
  9. It could be but I don't use Sweet FX so I don't really have an opinion... But in all honesty if you've downloaded mods before for F1 2016 and you haven't had any issues while still running Sweet FX it is most likely that the problem is on my end rather than yours... If you're willing to try though it could prove fruitful! Also make sure that your drivers are up to date... If it still doesn't work I'm gonna directly upload the dds files rather than the erp ones so keep me updated!
  10. I tried to remove the sweet FX and the problem is still here ! I also tried to install the mode on my game without any others mods, but it still crash.
    So I don't know if the problem comes from me !
  11. Ok I'm gonna upload the DDS files only... If you don't know how to install them just reply back to me...
  12. Did you download the 1.2 version or previous?
  13. perhaps problem with rar or winzip or 7Z ??
  14. I really don't know at this point I mean it could be so because on my end I haven't had any issues with the mod so I guess I'm gonna check if winrar has corrupted the files and upload a fix as soon as possible... I apologise again...
  15. Roadkillergr updated Renault RS16 Blue & Yellow edition with a new update entry:

    Changes to the DDS formats and 7-ZIP upload instead of winrar

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  16. I noticed that the paint file has an alpha channel maybe this be the problem ?
    paint file must be dxt1 no alpha
  17. I'm gonna try it out but it still doesn't explain why I don't have any issues... I must be missing something out...
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