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Renault Laguna II Automatic

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by skybh, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. Hi everybody,
    Today i've decided to share this project with you :)
    This is still a beta, since the .ini still needs few parameters of the newests racer version, i think it don't give qlog error. So it's close to the final version ;)
    So it's the 2005's Renault laguna with an scripted automatic gearbox.
    The engine is an 1870cm3 turbo diesel wich have 115hp and 260Nm of torque, the automatic gearbox have 4 gears (it's an old model lol).
    The car also uses a turbo script, the one done by stereo, i've just played a bit with the number to make it working nicely with my car, also added an "limiter" because before, if you pause the game the turbo become to turn at incredible speeds and make an overrun ^^
    Automatic script was made by me, with help of cosmo┬░, AND it was a lot, realy a lot inspirated from stereo's one (the formula of shiftpoint was made by him) so i think the credit should go to him :)
    The gearbox have 4 modes, you can switch between them using the key "M"
    R : switch to reverse gear
    N : switch to neutral
    D : switch to full automatic mode, you just have to use throttle and brake, the script does the rest ;)
    Impulsionel : It's the semi automatic mode, so you shift when you want, but after an certain rpm, it downshift (to avoid stall) or upshift (to don't kill the engine :p). This mode is like the actual automatic mode in Racer.
    Also in the folder variantes you'll find :
    teintier.bat : you can chose between 13 offical colors, and two interior colors (black or beige)
    configurateur : you'll have to chose between two body styles (saloon or grandtour), with some options (xenon lights, rims, spoiler, roof racks).
    I hope i've forget no thing.
    Also there are source files of scripts, so you can tweak the scripts like you want (an improve them i guess :D)
    So here are two pics :
    Link :http://speedy.sh/zR8mZ/Renault-laguna-BVA.7z
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  2. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    I can't wait to try this, it looks great :)
  3. The link does not work : (
  4. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    :p...he work...
  5. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    hey dude, i got this ERROR:

    Fri Dec 23 19:02:30 (WARN): [racer/4444] DGPUShader::LoadAndCreateFromFile[speckle_v.cg]: The file could not be read.
    Fri Dec 23 19:02:37 (FATAL): [racer/4444] DGPUShaderManager:MakeObject(speckle_v.cg): can't create CG vertex shader program
    ...one suggestion from me...if you are use a "Special" shader file, why not to put it in to the carfolder?
    For example: car/cg and there the speckle_v.cg....

    It's not a big deal, and i know it's beta, so maybe you remember it for the next release ;)

    Thx nice job!
  6. Merci !

    Still, I get some serious Qlog errors...testing it with 0.8.36
    55 dofs + a tons of shaders, definitely next time you should tidy things up & regroup shaders/materials/UVs together, you will gain time !
  7. Where is the special "speckle" cg file located. It wasn't in the download file.
  8. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    here....put them in to the $/racer/data/renderer/shaders folder...
    This are "Special" Shader files and don't come with racer...

    EDIT:..oh..remove the Kopie and replace the txt with cg^^

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  9. Hi, i tought everybody had them, that's why ;)
    also i've tried to put them in cg folder of my car, but he always need other cg files (it seems that it can't search at data/renderer/shaders folder.. because i've tried with the ../../../renderer or something like this and it did'nt work).
    And i've relased a lot of cars with those file (in the archive you had and data folder instead of car).
    So sorry for that :)
    What king of QLOG, I've tried to optmise the .dofs.
    And for the lot of dof, it's "wanted" because without that i couldn't do a multiversion. I've a "big" folder with all .dof possibilitys and if i want to do and engine/year i put them in a separate folder, and i start the work..Also easyier to mod. But for the shaders, i think I could improve them because i think some materials use the same texture, so i could put that in the same shader instead of duplicate. But for the tons of shader, same problem, it's for the "variant".. but for this version i tried to use two small textures for the seat
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  10. idk exactly what's happening here, but a few days ago, I had a long Qlog list, now it seems with 0.8.36 that only a few variables are missing, nothing really serious, but would be great to update it...(fallback_ini=1)

    & yes you're right about materials/shaders quantity, the better the job is done, the better the performance ingame.
    I normally try to keep the nb. of shaders low, also I always trying to pack efficiently my UVs into 0-1 space, etc...
  11. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    Hi dude,
    this works:
    laguna/cg (cg folder with special files speckle_v.cg, speckle_f.cg)
    Shader example:
    you have "only" to change the path to the include files like this:
    #include "atmosphere.cg"
    #include "lighting.cg"
    #include "fresnel.cg"
    #include "shadowmapping.cg"
    #include "../../../renderer/shaders/atmosphere.cg"
    #include "../../../renderer/shaders/lighting.cg"
    #include "../../../renderer/shaders/fresnel.cg"
    #include "../../../renderer/shaders/shadowmapping.cg"
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  12. Nice model once I got the shader (cg) files.
  13. Thanks a lot!
    I'll use it for my next (hmm...when? lol) relases :)
    Thanks, yet it needs some updating to be fully compatible with last racers, but i would like to wait for a final version of racer..
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  14. Hi! Nice car, I love the scripts you made :) I tried the automatic stuff, I was wondering, how could be able, to do such things in racer. I tested mainly the Drive mode.

    Very cool, to calculate the actual up and downshift points depending of the throttle, but it is too sensitive, it bounced hard between gears because of the tiny movement of the accelerator. Yes, I know, it is a new thing, but let me put my 2 cents. Is it possible, to put the throttle variable square? I had a look at the calculation, and I saw the connection between the throttle and the shiftdownrpm is linear. For example, I am traveling at 1600 rpm in 3rd gear, and the throttle position is 65%. I dont need changing gear back, but the calculation gives me ~1700 rpm for shiftdownrpm, so it shift down.

    If the connection between the throttle and the shiftdownrpm is square, then every <1,0 throttle position would be less, 0,65 goes to 0,422, and with this, the calculation gives me 1350 rpm for shiftdownrpm, so It does not change gear back. I would really like to see a very cool automatic script in racer, and I am glad you found a very good way to solve :)

    Once more, I would like to say, It is very cool at the moment too, I think everyone want it to be the best :)

    Best wishes!
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  15. Hi!
    Thanks for your message :)
    About the calculation, the script is not perfect, so that's why i've relased it as beta ;)
    And i see what you mean, sometime you can't cruise at low rpm, it's a bit annoying.
    The idea of square could be a nice idea, i'll have to see it, but not yet, i'm a bit busy with exam, some GTA 4 conversions..
    Also if my script were perfect, i don't think it'll have per gear formula (yet i've one for 1st, and another for 2,3,4)
    Again thank for you constructive comment :)
  16. Hi! A few years ago I wondered how can this be solved. And that's why, it is natural, spending time for a few quick tests, because I prefer features like this. And I would like them to be most realistic :) So I changed the calculation from this

    to this

    Very fabric :D It means, the exponent of the throttle input is 3. I make this change in every gear and I found it more stable, so if it changes up to 3rd you can push the gas at almost 70-75 percent of level, It won't change up, unless you kick down to 90 percents above. The upshift is okay, if you decrease the amount of throttle, it changes up. I think, this car has become one of my favourites. :)

    Cheers and Happy New Year! :D
  17. 2o6


    Does the automatic script work in older RACER versions? I want to adapt it to other cars, but not sure how.
  18. Need help, link doesn't work