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Renault Espace III 3.0 V6

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by skybh, Feb 18, 2010.

  1. Hi everybody!
    Today i decided to relase the first final version of the espace mk3 (1996-2002)
    So here is it!
    It's is the 3.0 V6 16V version with the ZF 4speed automatic geabox ;)
    The max speed is ~195km/h
    The max power is 167hp at 5400rpm and the max torque is 235Nm at 4000rpm (same a first's 2.2dT but 2000rpm after! LoL)
    So the car has :
    -Moving suspension
    -Cg shader (8.8+)
    -detailled interior!
    -Handbrake, lights and time indicator inside
    -Metalised effect (thanks to stereo!)

    Also i would thanks adams91 for the sounds, www.passion-espace-club.com for their help and their pictures!
    Here is some pics!

    And the more important!
    THE LINK :
  2. error..JPG

    on 0.8.6 and ... running in 9400gt
  3. 2o6


    Ugh, another Cg error.

    72 instructions needed, I only have 64 to work with.
  4. /shrug works fine here 9600 GSO, and Racer 0.8.8
  5. 2o6


    I'm wondering which pieces can I swap out for a non-cg shader.
  6. You passed from 8.6 to 8.8.1 right?
    You are in a version before 8.8?
  7. 2o6


    No. My GFX Card can kind of run Cg if it isn't too complex. Is there any way I can simplify the shader?
  8. i try the car in 0.8.6 and, i'ts the same result
  9. Yeah, it won't work iin 8.6, but it should work in 8.8 and 8.8.1(upgrated 8.8 and not upgrated 8.6! ) ;)
    I will take a look on the shaders ;)
  10. same probleme in 0.8.8 and
  11. I have 088.1 and it works very well, even though I really hate the Espace.

  12. 2o6


    I hate the way I can't figure this out.
  13. work in non-cg racer mate?
  14. 2o6


    Was anyone able to work with the shader?