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Released Renault Espace I (1984)

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by skybh, May 5, 2012.

  1. Hi everybody !
    I think , it's time to relase it :)

    So the car is powered by a 2.0L petrol engine, which produces 160Nm of torque at 3000rpm, the max power is 79kW at 5500rpm.

    In the variantes folder you'll find configurateur.bat, you can choose trim level, options, colors and accessoires.
    The GTS version is the lowest trim level (first models had only 2, 3 in 1985).

    It has :

    -front electric windows (you can open/close by using x and v keys)
    -hubcap with 13" rims
    -no spoiler (so its Cx is 0,34)
    -Top of body is not painted
    -Standard seat from R11 GTL

    Wich the TSE you'll have :

    -Front electric windows, but with "confort" mode, one press to open/close
    -14" alloy rims
    -Spoiler , Cx is 0,32
    -Top of body is painted
    -Sports seat (!) from R11 TXE

    Depending of body, you'll have two different interior colors : sand or grey

    Also in accessoires you can choose between roof racks, or two different roof boxes :)
    It has working indicators (keys are q for left and e for right, t for hazard), thanks to johnthelemon for letting me use his script :), moving supension and working wipers too :p

    I would thank cosmo° for his help with the physics, jeeP for feedback, help and inspiration and all of the member of passion espace club

    About No CG version, i'm not sure to make them, and they will be for racer with no_cg versions, not the 6.55

    Few pictures :

    GTS :


    TSE :

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And the most important thing , the link !!


    I hope i've said everything :p
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  2. Very nice car to drive Skybh, congratulations ! I think your cars are one of the best car to Racer :)
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  3. Good job, it handles well and the scripting is very clever.

    Alex Forbin
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  4. Thanks ! :)
    Thanks, about the scripts :
    Indicator is from johnthelemon i just add a fonction to turn them off automaticly when steering
    Windows script, i use the rotation fonction and schema from stereo, and the moving fonction is by me :)
  5. Nice car mate, Glad to see it is petrol powered. I really hate diesel cars. I will try it and use your script for my cars, I liked the windows option!
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  6. 2o6


    It's nice to see a quality release. Everything looks awesome, and handling is ACCURATE. Obviously, this is a minivan, so it's not going to handle well. But it's enjoyable to use.
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  7. Great job, skybh! You should have a readme.txt file in the car folder with the info for the windows, and other script actions.

    I don't like the handling, it's a bit too stable, can't spin out and I don't like the keys selected for scripts and will try to come up with some better ones. The control/profile.ini file has some that aren't real good either. I'll make up a list of those keys that sholuld be used so there aren't any duplicates.
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  8. Thanks, about the readme, this is what i forgot !! :-(
    About the keys, i've tried to take the less used key in game :)
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  9. It'd be good to have a standard. One thing I've tried on the Aronde is using multiple keys, for example forward+right arrow at the same time opens the right door. Some stuff like manual windows, it might make sense to have it that you press W & up, or W & down, that does what you expect.

    Might also be a good idea to include a 'help' key that displays all the key functions the car has, like ctrl+# outputs.
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  10. Also the configuration bat file as I don't understand French. It appears to be well written and does a lot of things but I haven't figured out just what they all are but it is the way to go.
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  11. I don't understand French too, but I dont have any problems with configuration file.
  12. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    I'm a bit late but I just wanted to say, this car is brilliant. It's just so nice to drive a really well made car. Nice job Skybh.

    Is there anyway to reprogram the keys for the indicators? I'd like to use my G27 shifter paddles for them.
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  13. Hi,
    Sorry, i think script can only use keyboard buttons :(

    for people who don't understand french, here is an english configurator file (i hope my english is good :D )
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  14. Please new link ! :)
  15. This file can only be downloaded with SpeedyShare Premium.

    What's up? I read the reviews and am eager to try it :)
  16. Can this car be uploaded on a site where I don't have to pay to download?
    Filefront perhaps?
  17. KS95

    RACER Moderator

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  18. Hi guys, sorry for time of reponse, vacation time !
    Thanks KS :) but i'm suprised that we need speedyshare prenium to download it, just stupid... i'll have to post all of them at my skydrive
    EDIT : Another link : http://sdrv.ms/NXFDi0
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  19. Hi,
    here is a small mod, the turbo diesel versions (Turbo D and Turbo DX)
    -2.1 Turbo diesel engine, 88hp at 4250rpm and 181Nm at 2000rpm
    -scripted turbo (thanks to stereo)
    You just need to put this in the original folder
    So you need to download petrol version before !
    I hope you'll like it
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