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Released Renault 21 2.0L Turbo

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by skybh, Dec 20, 2012.

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  1. Veeery nice model!!! Gonna try it now and host it on my site if you don't mind :)
  2. Sure you can :)
  3. Alexander Knoll

    Alexander Knoll

    THX dude, but i still miss the R9 GTL....umpf may be some times...;)

    to remember...^^
    This car:

    with this color:

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  4. Problem:
    Crashes Racer due to a script problem and the car has a lot of Qlog errors!!!
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  5. Hum wich version do you use?
    Can you show me Qlog? I've checked before relase

    EDIT : Here is a small update

    -braking was a bit too strong
    -added few missing parameters

    And i think it should load in racer now :)

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  6. Good job of converting, and nice model. I liked turbo script ;)
  7. I'll trry the update and report my findings tomorrow night.

    It would be nice if the rsx files were included when releasing a car so that they can be used/fixed bu others.
  8. Update helped a bit and here is what I found:

    You have to test in two versions of Racer to find Qlog errors!

    Qlog errors on 090rc4
    [racer] No shader found for material 'default_material' in 'data/cars/renault_21_turbo/coll.dof' (default '<no texture>') [dmaterial.cpp:1120 / DMaterial::ImportDOF]
    [racer] DMaterial:GetTexture(0) out of range (material default_material, shader <none>) [dmaterial.cpp:518 / DMaterial::GetTexture]
    Needs to be fixed in mesh texture name and .shd file.

    Qlog errors on 090rc5d
    [racer] Loading car 'renault_21_turbo' [rcar.cpp:943 / RCar::Load]
    [racer] DOF 'data/cars/renault_21_turbo/turbo.dof' contains alpha=0 for certain colors, which may make objects transparent! [dmaterial.cpp:953 / DMaterial::ImportDOF]
    [racer] This warning will only be issued once. [dmaterial.cpp:954 / DMaterial::ImportDOF]
    [racer] Empty chunk id in geode 'data/cars/renault_21_turbo/turbo.dof'; probably an old ZModeler buggy export; use dof_fix to correct. [dgeode.cpp:544 / DGeode::ImportDOF]
    Put dof in modeler, click "Optimize", save . This fixes both above errors
    [racer] QSample:Load(); can't load 'data/cars/renault_21_turbo/audio/gearwhine.wav': File not found. [qsample.cpp:755 / QSample::Load]
    [racer] RAudioSample: Can't load sample 'data/cars/renault_21_turbo/audio/gearwhine.wav' [raudio.cpp:326 / RAudioSample::LoadSample]
    Find missing audio file and put into "audio" folder

    Fixes Qlog errors for 090rc5d, You should have a reademe.txt file with keys for scripts as without the .rsx file they are difficult to find. This racer version doesn't report all Qlod errors.
    Nice car, good job!
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