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Released: True2Life Racing Toyota AE86 WTCC87 & Club

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by True2Life Racing, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. Welcome to the True2Life-Racing Toyota AE86 Levin & Trueno WTCC87 and Club v1 Full Install.

    Features added to the Race 07/GTR Evolution/STCC/Race On Version:
    - Custom Skin support using the "CustomSkins" folder .ini system
    - Wet tyres tyre physics models
    - Functioning Rain/Dirtscreen/Wipers

    Known issues / to do list:
    - I'm sure theres some!!

    --// Pre-installation //--

    Please delete the following folders before installing this edition:

    ..\race 07\GameData\Teams\T2L_Addons\Toyota_AE86_N2
    ..\race 07\GameData\Talent\T2L-Racing\AE86
    ..\race 07\GameData\Sounds\T2L-Racing\AE86_N2

    --// Installation //--

    - extract to main Race07 folder


    C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\**you-user-name**\race 07\


    -----// Changelog //-----

    ---===|| Version 1.0 ||===---

    - Initial Public Release


    Please post findings, feelings, bugs, errors on the True2life Racing forums at RaceDepartment.com

    This Race Series mod wouldn't have been possible without:

    - The awesome original rF mod:
    ***** Credits *****
    Models : gonzo-kool
    Textures and skins : jillnoy
    Skins : nanamiso,Keita
    Physics : spyker,Bell
    Sounds : C3-R2

    - Stephan Sabath
    - Gaëtan Legastelois
    - Toyota
    - RaceDepartment.com
    - The beta testing team
    - Simbin (of course)
    - And you, the Sim Racing Community!

    Download True2Life Racing Toyota AE86 WTCC87 & Club v1.02

    Download True2Life Racing Toyota AE86 Templates

    AE86 Levin N2 Club Render Scene Max7 Brazil by AirOne

    Attached Files:

  2. Hi Gunthar, I got a problem. Any ideas???? toyota-problem_2010-12-29_10-45-54.jpg minidump_2010-12-29_10-45-54.jpg
    Installed twice to double checked i'd done it correctly.
  3. Hello Tom

    try to copy the Sounds from AE86 CLUB

    and replace
  4. for me works great! AWESOME MOD 5*****
  5. that looks to be missing the grb file atleast... what car is it? wtcc or club? Levin or Trueno?
  6. TheWilly

    Tobias Worm

    Hi Günthar, thanks for the release. But I have the same problems as Tom. CTD on WTCC-Levin & Trueno and wrong gears on WTCC-Trueno.

    Bye. :)
  7. Yes both WTCC cars for me too, not tried the others. screen goes black when you go to race then CTD.
  8. yeah u guys are right about this! me too
    black screen on WTCC god!
    i only drive other but i try 1 min ago and see this BUG :/
  9. Grab this patch. WTCC87 engine was missing :)

    Patch v1.01
  10. Cool thanks Gunthar, will try it out now. Had a few laps around Mizano last night in the N2 and what fun, the physics are spot on. Its my new favorite car.
  11. TheWilly

    Tobias Worm

    Thanks Günthar!!!
  12. glad you like it guys. And sorry for forgetting the engine in the WTCC87 cars :)

    1 quastion when u going finish DTM2010?
  14. Lets race :) :) :)
  15. DTM coming soon.....
  16. Thank, mate ;)
  17. patch on it's way very soon...