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Reiza, has something incredible been done to the tyres?

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Keith Windsor, Sep 1, 2014.

  1. Reiza,
    I don't know what you have done, but it is remarkable. (Talking about Formula Extreme tyres).
    Could you please confirm if you have changed something to make the AI use two different compounds during a race?

    Since downloading v1.20 / 1.21, I have been setting up the Formula Extremes, and tweaking one or two settings ready for a full season of 100% race distances.

    Over the last couple of days, I am suddenly realising that the AI are doing different length stints during the race! I don't believe I have EVER seen this in the gmotor engine games before, it is like gold dust!

    At Interlagos (71laps), the AI pitted first between laps 32 & 36; then on their second stint they pitted only 20 laps later, between lap 52 & 56. They then raced to the end. GDB shows medium & hard tyres available - this would fit with 32 and 20 lap stints.

    In Austria (71 laps), it was a similar story but less of a difference (20 and 22 lap stints), GDB shows soft & supersoft, so maybe there is less difference between them?

    Please, please, it would help massively in setting up my offline racing, if you could confirm if it is the tyres causing this, or something else, as I always strive to match my strategy & performance to that of the AI.

    These Extreme cars are absolutely awesome, thanks :)
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  2. Well, it is looking more and more like the AI are using two compounds - I just changed the Austria GDB to medium/hard, and their strategies changed accordingly :) :) :)
    Will test more, but this is looking fantastic @Reiza Studios !
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  3. Yes it definitely works, tyres change colour as well during the pitstop. Possibly not every combination works, or some not as well as others (and I know Reiza have already mentioned the orange tyre colour not displaying at the moment), but it adds a whole new dimension to the game. I'm really looking forward to running a season where pitting is dependant on tyres instead of fuel.

    Great job Reiza. I remember you said a while ago that you were working on it, but I never imagined you would be able to add this :)
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  4. Lazarou


    That's great information Keith cant wait to try a Formula Extreme championship when the points are sorted out.

    It seems to happen a fair bit with Reiza that something quite significant has been implemented that does not even get a mention in the patch notes etc.

    They are very modest. This how I image them in the office after implementing this and eighth gear on the Formula Extreme.

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  5. LOL Jeremiah Johnson, the greatest movie - good picture for the greatest race sim :)

    And I was thinking the same - they only mentioned the orange tyre being the wrong colour, but no mention of the actual compound implementation, which is an incredible addition - maybe they were waiting to get it all ironed out first - some seem to be working and others not, but it is still useable if a bit unpredictable. I hope Reiza might confirm what the situation is with this :)
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  6. Doesn't that mean - this is the first time that the AI pits for tires in the Gmotor2 engine? I've read that they would just pit for fuel. Does anyone know if they pit because of tire wear or because they just have to change because of the rules, regardless of the wear?
  7. In rFactor 1, you could also schedule pitstops for every driver on any track if you had the patience to edit each talent file.

    So yeah it has always been possible, but not necessarily implemented by Reiza.
  8. Yes I think it is the first time I have seen this.
    As Dewald says, it has always been possible to specify the pitstops in the gdb file, but this week, after lots of tests (and after removing any pitting instructions from the gdb) , it looks to me like the AI are pitting for tyres - a big step in the right direction.

    There are definitely problems with the compounds though & I've reported it in the bug thread.

    But for now, if you set the compound as (0) in the gdb i.e soft tyres only, and remove any pitting instructions from the gdb, then it is possible to have fantastic racing on the same tyres as the AI & they are pitting due to tyre wear.

    This sim just gets better and better :)

    I have now completed two full race weekends, 100% distance, at Interlagos and Austria, and I was having to pit around the same time as the AI. :)
  9. Well, I don't know what they did to the tires, wish I did, because I drove a race at Suzuka 2 weeks ago with v1.15 online and then again yesterday with v1.21and felt like 2 different cars?
    MUCH more twitchy AND less grip. Is this supposed to be the way the cars handle? Used the same setup as well and I'm 2 seconds a lap slower now.
  10. Sorry I can't say about other cars, I have only been talking about the new Formula Extremes here.
  11. Oh, sorry, I forgot to mention, it's the formula Reiza I was referring to.
  12. Could be Suzuka Track, raced it last night and raced my ass off, on super soft even which should be locked as gdb is set to 2,3 only so not sure why we have soft and supersoft, anyway, could only manage a 1:44:957, ai was doing a 1:38:200 on 85% difficulty, that cant be right?? had to turn the difficulty down to 78 or 80% yet the ai was still doing 1:41's and 21st place doing a 1:43:700's, I did manage to squeeze in a 1:43:900 but still last, crazy, on this difficulty and using SS tyres I would be lapping the AI twice on Interlagos or Canada, something not right. The other issue I notice is when you set a track to the specific tyres, the AI always use yellows Soft no matter what. Can we fix that? Now on my Suzuka DRS gdb its locked to Medium and HArd compound yet I can choose all, the other tracks work for me, what could be wrong??
  13. That happened to me on another circuit. I think if you compare it with a gdb that is working ok, you will find a typo or bracket missing somewhere. It is not reading the tyre info properly so it is ignoring the gdb setting and giving you all tyre choices.

    About the lap time, that is probably down to the original AIW settings of the circuit needing some work, but I have not tried that particular track yet so I don't know for sure.
  14. Hmmm, been through it space by space, not that, something must have messed up, now all tracks, Interlagos, Monza, Barce,Suzuka, and more not reading the gdb's, all tires available on all tracks, this wasn't the case before, what could be the problem guys?? Have I messed something up? Could it be something in the Player config file??
  15. Wish I could be more help. When it happened to me, I uninstalled the circuit and found an error in the gdb. I also uninstalled other mods, so it was the only track present, as other tracks can sometimes affect each other. It has not happened again, and I cannot remember which track it was (but it wasn't Suzuka). I can only suggest removing all addon tracks one by one till the problem goes away, to try and locate the cause.

  16. Yeah but its even happening on Interlagos now which is stock track, could it be parc ferme rules=0 should they be on.
  17. Found it, When you select in the main menu All Cars / All Tracks, all compounds are opened, But if I select the MOD Formula Extreme (using rfactor Ui) or pressing left or right with the Standard GSC Ui to select Formula Extreme only, then it works.
  18. jimortality


    Where are you getting all the tracks for f1 please
  19. Havent got them all yet Jim, just the fantastic DRS versions from here in the mods section.
  20. Have about 5 or 6 only