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Region Lock

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by zap12341, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. Hey guys I have a question. I know there is region lock on the online of F1 2012 on PC, but is it there on the consoles? Also is there any way to get past it on PC? I live in Canada, and not a lot of people play here.
  2. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    It against Steam's TOS to do so, but I guess only a VPN would do this for you.

    I am pleased to say that I know nothing about consoles :) :whistling:
  3. Me too. How happy I am. :)
  4. Karl Fuss

    Karl Fuss

    i have been told there is no region lock on xbox 360.