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Refresh Rate ?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by William Moody, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. Hi in the demo i could not get 120hz for refresh rate, and it seems with the full game its the same.
    On desktop its set to 120hz i have even made a custom setting but still can only get 60hz in game.
    This is strange because f1 2010 /11 could get 120hz refresh rate but not now. Anyone else with same problem?
  2. Game displays 70-80 fps in fraps for me even with the in game 'v-sync' option turned on.
    Nvidia profiler V-sync is off... I only have a 60hz monitor and I think it'd be a bit smoother if I had a 120hz monitor and could see the extra 20-30 frames.

    What cable are you using? I know the 2012 game has issues with display ports, HDMI is only 60 anyway? Perhaps a Dvi-d cable is ideal? Just guessing as I am yet to try.
  3. Ye its not the cable m8 all my other games goto 120hz with no problems just f1 2012 only get 60hz.
  4. Hi , Just thought I'd let you know a solution that worked for me.

    1.Go to the nvidia control panel
    2. Manage 3d settings , Change preferred refresh rate to highest available
    3. Add f12012.exe under program settings, Then change the preferred refresh rate to "Use global setting.

    Voila your now running 120hz. Even though the game will still tell you its 60hz in the options.
    Just check the info on your screens osd and it will say 120hz.

    I'm running gtx 670 ftw edition with a samsung S23A700

    Hope this helps you guys out.
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  5. Thanks bud worked good game feels so much smoother now, it would`nt let me change it in control panel for some reason so i had to download Nvidia inspector.