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Skins Redbull Fantasy Livery (1989 MP4-5 revive) 1.10

F1 2014, McLaren Honda, MP4-5 1989

  1. kri13jam submitted a new resource:

    Redbull Fantasy Livery (1989 MP4-5 revive) - F1 2014, McLaren Honda, MP4-5 1989

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  2. Really nice..but you can´t show on the rear wing Marlboro and on the side the barcode.either the barcode or the tobacco sponsoring.....:whistling:replace the barcode with Marlboro and it would be perfect:thumbsup:
  3. Good job ! :thumbsup:
  4. I have troubled really that side of the engine area to mirrored. :cry:
    So, I decided the side of the Marlboro logo instead strobe logo.
    However, I think your idea is greatly useful.

    The next minor version up I try to reflect your ideas.
    Thank you for your great idea! :)
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  5. Thank you so much! :)
  6. I want install this mod but I've lost the rb2_lowLOD.pssg and rb2_highLOD.pssg because I've already installed a mod for the redbull (the mod is the Virgin Formula E team with W05 Chassis) and for this reason I Can't install this mod, What can I do? I don't have any backup of the rb2 original folder :(
  7. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    You can easily get it back by verifying your files through steam. Might want to back up any modded files you wish to keep first.
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  8. thank you m8 :D
  9. kri13jam updated Redbull Fantasy Livery (1989 MP4-5) with a new update entry:

    Redbull Fantasy Livery (1989 MP4-5 revive)

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  10. Just to alert you, The BOSS logo on the air intake is mirrored on one side
  11. :whistling:
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  12. HDRi Pack which you can find on deviantart. i forgot the link but i will search it again and send the download link to you if you want. send me a PM/profile post.
  13. Thank for your providing information, WizrdZombi.
    I knew that problem, and i've writing to 'known issues' of the descriptions.
    I was worried the selection in mirroring and classic style restoration.
    I selected style restoration, but if you have any creative idea please tell me your ideas. Thanks. :)
  14. Hi Friend.

    A very good job.

    Only one question: if I use this skin with mclaren team in the game changing the lods, the performance of the car will be the McLaren one or the RB10 one?

    Thanks in advance for your answers and help.
  15. these 2 folders and 1 file : balanced, track and xx2.ctf handle the performance of the car.
    if you just changing the LOD (rb2_highLOD/lowLOD -> mc2_highLOD/lowLOD) the performace will be same as original Mclaren one.
    if you want the same performance as RB10 in case you have switched the Mclaren's LOD, just copy both RB's balanced and track folders and rb2.ctf elsewhere. rename all the files inside those folders (rb2_<name of the circuit>.ctf to mc2_<name of the circuit>.ctf). and overwrite them inside the Mclaren car folder.
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