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Red Bull Scraps Team Orders After Malaysia Affair

Discussion in 'Formula 1' started by Diego Lopez, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. SPEED Staff / GMM
    | Posted April 10, 2013 GMM Newswire

    Red Bull is ready to forget trying to impose team orders on its drivers...

    In the wake of the 'Multi-21' affair, Red Bull has abolished team orders.

    "There will be no more team orders by us," the energy drink company's motor sport director Helmut Marko told Germany's Sport Bild on Wednesday.

    Sebastian Vettel ignored the team's instruction to stay behind leader Mark Webber in Malaysia recently, sparking the controversy.

    The saga left team owner Dietrich Mateschitz "very unhappy," Marko admitted.

    Austrian Marko also echoed billionaire Mateschitz's recent claim that Kimi Raikkonen is a candidate to drive for the reigning champions next year.

    "Kimi Raikkonen is someone who is on our list (of candidates) for next year," confirmed Marko.

    Australian Webber's current contract runs out at the end of 2013.

    The 36-year-old has been linked with a move to Porsche's 2014 Le Mans prototype project.

    source - speed : http://formula-one.speedtv.com/article/f1-red-bull-scraps-team-orders-after-malaysia-affair

    soooo.......besides Kimi (whom I doubt he'll move if Lotus keep up development) wonder who are the mystery "#2" on the list.
  2. Hmmmnnnn!! Kimi playing second fiddle to Vettel in the same team, that might be interesting to see. I can't even imagine that. They would certainly have to scrap team orders then.
  3. Yeah Kimi ... #2...they like, don't even go together to begin with.
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  4. Raikonnen and Vettel would be a bit of a strange pairing, for me at least. but who knows, stranger things have happened in F1.

    if what good ol Bernie said about Hamilton wanting a move to Red Bull is true, i think it's a pity that deal didn't go through. i think seeing Vettel and Hamilton in the same car in the same team would've provided some very interesting races ;)
  5. Time for Vettel to test his waters. RAI obviously won´t be settling into a nr2 role but to be fair he has played second fiddle once in his career,
    (which you should if you are theoretically out of the championship)

    But more on the "RBR will scrap team orders" what it really means is "Horner has no control over his drivers"
    And to not get in that situation again they simply removed the option of it ever happen again.

    Gotta love Vettel as well, everytime he has spoken now after the incident he just keeps digging that hole deeper and deeper.
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  6. Pretty much, even Vettel has now said that he will defy team orders since Mark never gave him support.....and I lolled so hard.

    Mark has always give him the space and room, and if he meant "no support" by Mark outqualifying him and out driving him in the early races, then he is just another arrogant kid.

    This is where Ross, liking him or not, has the backbone and authority.
  7. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Think you underestimate the role of the RedBull owner here. Mateschitz is in F1 to promote his brand and of course negative publicity is also publicity I can imagine that he doesn't want his brand to be associated with internal team affairs like with Webber vs Vettel.

    RedBull is standing for adventure and that is what we will get to see when there are no team orders anymore.

    Also with the absence of orders life for Vettel will be a lot easier as he outpaces Webber most of the time anyway.

    Good decision imo. Back to the roots of the sport: racing!
  8. Then talk to your drivers and solve it. It´s not that hard if you look at other teams coping with team orders beautifully.
    His team is also associated with internal team affairs since the day Webber and Vettel raced together.
    Even before they both raced in Red Bull.

    Did you just make that up? :)

    Well it doesn´t really matter since he doesn´t follow the team anyways.

    Team orders have been around since day 1 ;)
    If you want real racing it´s the tires and fuel you should blame, especially the tires that is the real reason drivers can´t properly go all out anymore.
  9. well all recent articles, has proven he is a 2 faced liar.
  10. Best would be for him to stop talking. All he´s doing is making things worse.
    Even Button has said he was surprised about the fact that Vettel would not think twice about doing it again.
    Literally spitting your team in the face. Don´t mind the fact that they gave you a bonkers car for 3+ years.
    People won´t forget this sort of thing so when the titles stop piling up it will be very interesting to see what happens.
  11. It's time for Webber to spit back on track and just close some more doors.
    I bet if any other driver than his "teammate" would have been there in Malaysia, Webber would just have closed the door in T4 and run his rival off track.

    /E: Just read the whole Vettel interview: Honestly, I can't remember when I've heard that amount of bs in F1 last time.
    And maybe I'm too naive and too close as a Ferrari fan, but I simply can't imagine Alonso (or Hamilton) saying and doing the same things like Vettel did to a team which has massively helped him to get 3 titles.
    That's why I actually think the "true race" argument is crap.
  12. Good, thank ****, tbh i do not think team orders should be allowed, but that's just me :p

    we need racing back to it's core, at the minute i don't feel it fully is.
  13. I want the old times back.

    When the second driver had to give his car to the first driver!
  14. I'm not so sure about that.
    I can't recall Vettel ever having to slow or let Webber past since they have been at Red Bull. There have been a few times when Webber has made things easier for Vettel though.
    Sure, Vettel is usually a bit quicker, but from now on, we might get to see some more competitive racing between the two. That might lead to a few races where Vettel may find things a little tougher now.
    However, deep down, I suspect Webber has been told the rules of being No.2, and if needed later in the season, he'll be given "orders" designed to help Vettel if things are close for him in the Championship.

    It will also be interesting to see the official RB response if they take each other out in a race. ;)
  15. I dont like team orders but sadly they are matter of reality. Im OK'ish with team orders only when other driver dosent have mathemitical changes winning the drivers championship.
  16. Gavin Hendley

    Gavin Hendley

    It simple team orders are abolished in RBR because Horner has no control and Vettel does not fear him enough to give a ****. So rather look red faced about the whole thing. They just dismiss it and say this is what we want. But we all know the truth... we can see it, Vettel is a driver we love to hate. I for one will look forward to see how this all pans out! I love the racing and the drama. Bring on china!
  17. Yup, just like people still haven't forgotten the utter tosh of Schumacer which still stains his success massively.
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  19. ^ "Reversed Psychology has seem to worked, I got him to come into the pits"

    "Webbers fault"

    BAHAHAHAHAHA Never had quiet the laugh.