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Helmets Red Bull - Max Verstappen 2016 -UPDATED 2.0

RED Bull - MAX VERSTAPPEN HELMET 2016 Version for F1 2014-UPDATED

  1. Franske submitted a new resource:

    RED Bull - MAX VERSTAPPEN HELMET 2016 - RED Bull - MAX VERSTAPPEN HELMET 2016 Version for F1 2014

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  2. Sorry I am kind of a noob with this can you explain how to use Ryder PSSG Editor and where I can find the original helmet?
    Thanks Max
  3. Max,
    PSSG editor you can find here:
    https://sourceforge.net/projects/petars-programs/files/Ego Engine/Ego PSSG Editor/

    How to use it:
    I don't know which helmet yoy ant to replace. The helmets are in:
    F1 2014\characters\models\2013\ .....( for example) ..higtxt_fernando_alonso
    and for example
    F1 2014\cars\rb2\livery_00\textures_high\rb2_tex_high_00 (use here 2048 file)
    F1 2014\cars\rb2\livery_00\textures_low\rb2_tex_low_00 (use here 1024 file)

    Download PSSG Editor and open : Ego PSSG Editor.exe
    Go to File and open the helmet you watnt to replace (see above)
    F.e: higtxt_fernando_alonso
    click in PSSG editor on: fernando_alonso_helmet_d.tga
    now you see the helmet from alonso in PSSG- editor.
    click on texure -> import texure
    click on the helmet yoy want to replace Alonmso's helmet with
    you see now that helmet in PSSG editor
    Click on File-> safe-> safe as PSSG and say yes you want to replace.


    Same for all the places you must replace the helmet.
  4. Great Franske Thanks I am going to replace Max Verstappen Red Bull Helmet Thanks for the info.
  5. :cool: -> :)
  6. Franske, whose helmet model should you replace with this Max Verstappen helmet model? Does it have to be a past RB driver? Thank you, I am a noob in things like this
  7. No, in principle, the helmet may at any place be imported. But depending on the helmet shape of the driver (bell, arai or otherwise) the helmet may look different. Winged or not winged.
    Hope you can do with this explanation. Franske :cool:
  8. Wait, so let's say I replaced Chilton's helmet file with Verstappen's. Won't Chilton be wearing Verstappen's helmet? :o
  9. Yes Chilton is wearing Verstappen's helmet, but the shape can be different. If Chilton has a Arai helmet it probably would be the same.
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  11. Oh alright, thanks very much!