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Red Bull contract and team bug

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Renneboog, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. I am in a 3 year carrier mode. In my 2nd year I signed a contract with Red Bull. The reason was obvious: I was appointed 1st driver, next to Vettel. So far, so good.

    When starting my 3th year, I checked my Red Bull contract and see that Webber is my team mate, instead of Vettel.


    After that I went to Practice 1 to find out that the Red Bull team want me to finish 1st in the race and ... to finish ??? in qualifining. LOL.


    Still moving on with the game I looked to my team mate in the garage, to find out that Vettel is standing left of me.

    Team Mate.jpg

    The game is running as expected but in the garage I'm in the car to the right, where I've always been as a 2nd driver. Now that I should be 1st driver should I not be sitting in the car on the left? And how (or when) will I be able to tell my engeneer what sort of developments to the car should be taken care of first?
  2. I'm on red bull too, in the fourth year of a 7 year career.

    About your first image, did you join RB through beating your rival? I've only had that problem once when I beat my rival and joined RB.

    About the second image, I have that too and I can't get rid of it. For me it says "finish" for qualifying, but that means I have to finish on pole for quali. A bit ridiculous to expect me to finish first on pole and in race for every race :(. You can check where a team wants you to finish by looking at the monitor in the pit garage, selecting the timing screen and look for where that green/blue line is.

    About your third image, even when I'm the first driver I never got to be on the left side of the pit garage, always on the right :(. You'll be able to tell the engineer which R&D path to take at the first practice in Abu Dhabi if you get a new contract with Red Bull.
  3. Ive never heard of a problem like this before, im really quite surpised to see that there is an in game problem to the extent that you say. I didnt even know it was possible in the game, to be "in the car on left hand side of the garage", ive never seen that in career mode, race mode, or even multiplayer online, ive always been in the right hand side car! This is my 3rd season and im with Redbull, my team mate is mark webber because i beat seb in the rival fight last season and claimed his spot. But i should (but im not even sure if i am) be the no.1 driver with redbull. Im the current world champion (because i won last season with williams), and i replaced seb, so mark should still be the number 2 driver, shouldnt he? Im not sure which one of us is the no.1 driver actually...

    Anyways ive never seen the problem such as yours before, the only thing i can report, is that in a Qualifying session at Silverstone, after a scrappy lap, my engineer came on the radio and said "Your much slower than Sebastian through all 3 sectors". My team mate is Mark Webber!

    But beyond that i havent seen anything else to report...
  4. I joined RB because they offered me a 1st place driver. I had chosen Button as a rival and beated him. At this moment I've passed the three practice sessions in Bahrein (that's the first GP of the season, not Abu Dhabi) and could not do any R&D. So I assume that I am 2ndf iso 1st driver. Weird stuff. :)
  5. Aha, so that is what that line is for. I noticed it many times and wondered why there was a line there. Thanks for the info.
  6. Some of us look upto the line with awe and wonder while others look down upon it and wonder what is it? :D
  7. I've been Red Bull's no.1 for 3 of 4 seasons now. In the contract, I must finish 4th overall. However, every session they expect me to be on Pole (finish) and finish 1st. Hmm..

    I'm pairing Mark, whom was my rival that I beat. I was given driver 2 on my 1sr season, then subsequently risen to driver 1.