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Helmets Red Bull Career Helmet HD 1.0

Carrer Helmet Red Bull HD

  1. tomsquadric submitted a new resource:

    Red Bull Career Helmet HD v1.0 - Carrer Helmet Red Bull HD

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  2. good job :)
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  3. NICE!!
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  4. thanks :thumbsup:
  5. realitychecked


    Looks very nice! Although, you could use some Red Bull vectors instead of that "not-so-good" render. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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  6. Red Bull facing down? :D

    Anyways great helmet!
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  7. Really good job ! ;)
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  8. Good Job
  9. I extracted it in characters/bespokehelmets/.
    is it correct?
    I can't find it in the helmet selection. How to choose it?? Please tell!:(:O_o:
  10. Go to the Helmet menu and select Gen 30. You can have this helmet.
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  11. Thanx a lot bro!!
  12. Great work, nice job.
  13. redbul White helmed plizz
  14. i can do a silver one if you guys want
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  15. can such a helmet for jenson batton[​IMG]
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