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Recruitment: Highlights editor/commentator

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Johannes Kunkel, Mar 11, 2013.

  1. This is the next round of Recruitments for the new season of FSR.

    And this time we are looking for a small team of talended video producers and commentators/script writers.

    The Highlights editor team will be responsible to produce race highlights for the individual FSR divisions including the following tasks:

    - reviewing the race replay as carefully as possible
    - put the whole race into a commentary script and record the commentary
    - record race scenes selected by the script and put the edit together

    The Highlights editor team will have one of the key roles in promoting FSR, keep followers and fans up to date about what happened in the past races and other news.

    You will receive full support from the Administration in form of prepared materials to make your work as easy as possible and to ensure all race reviews share the same look.

    All of those race reviews will be published on the official FSR Youtube Channel

    If you are interested to take any of these positions please send an email to: isrclubpresident@formula-simracing.net or send me a PM here.

    All members of the Highlights editor team will be receiving a reward for their troubles in form of a season license and a special promotion benefits through video views.
  2. sent you a pm
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  3. Ron its nice that you are willing to help out but really you need to stop feeding the fire. Noone is ever going to hire you for the role of highlights editor so forget about it. You had to ask for help this time round for the season WT highlights. Stop encouraging the muppets that keep insulting you. It's not worth it. Well done for offering though. A lot more than most do round here.
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  4. I would do this, but unfortunately, I'm really bad at quite bad at editing. I just tried throwing together a quick thing with bits from the 2012 season and it was mediocre at best. I will try and help out anyway I can though.

    It's not quite as bad as I thought but still.
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  5. With that example Lewis I don't see a reason why you wouldn't be capable of putting a highlights video together.
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  6. I think you have skills to help FSR, Lewis. We have also 3 divisions, so if it's not in WC, I'm sure that the WT or the WS guys would love to see someone making highlights videos of their races :)

    Think also that being a highlights producer is one of the most rewarding jobs here, it takes time and patience people appreciates it a lot.
  7. Very nice Lewis :)
  8. I would like to contend for this, and I would make a video to compete/work together, but so much uni work to do for the middle of April I don't have time to do one :(

    Great video though Lewis, simple and effective, I think maybe slow-mo at the start instead of images, but none the less, good syncing :thumbsup:
  9. thanks guys :) and yeah I know about the WT and WS, but this was done quickly with clips from the 2012 highlights. And Jonathan, I totally agree, slow mo would have looked way better, but unfortunately with me using the highlight clips, they where running at 30 fps and so slow mo would have look really really bad.

    But thanks all for the great feedback :) If I did do it, because of college, I'm not sure how quickly I'd get them out after the races.
  10. I actually like your work i think you will be a great aspect to the Highlights Team
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  11. You should give yourself more credit Lewis. That was a pretty cool video.
  12. wow lewis!!!
    its hard to replace simon abedesi in this but keep up the good work:)

  13. When will you get it right... :p
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  14. I will spell it its A.D.E.B.I.S.I :roflmao::D:p
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  15. silence brjlak
  16. I would like to offer my services as the commentator/narrator for the highlights packages :) I was keen to do one or two last season, so if there's a chance I'd like to have a go :)
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