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'receive light' after v0.6

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by woochoo, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. G'day everyone,
    i've noticed that since v0.6, 'recieve light' for my trees no longer has any effect. the other plroblem was they needed to be flagged 2sided in materials, so that's fixed, but they still dont get headlights.

    i've imported my own 3ds xpack objects since v0.6 and they show lights, but these trees are different. here is how:
    they are the x-trees from the rural aus and default xpacks (as of before v0.6) but i've changed the textures in the material editor. is that the cause? they worked fine in v5.x but no longer.

    is there something different since v0.6, maybe to do with 2sidedness?
    is there any nuts and bolts text editing i can do or should i just re-make them all in 3ds?

  2. I'm thinking this problem has to do with chroma and/or alpha transparency since the new two-sided on/off feature came in. is no one else having this problem?
  3. hi, mmm, I had the "2 side problem", but once selected 2 sided and create a new xpack, trees cast shadows ok, I think,................ I shall watch it,

  4. the trees cast shadows no with no problems, they just don't receive headlights. using chorma transparency.

    it's the same situation for the fences that i had to change to two-sided (with chroma or alpha, i forget which), except they do receive headlights, but only in a very narrow/focused hotspot, no fall-off gradient, so you don't see any light on the fences at all when you are parallel with them, only front on. it's like the headlights are popping out the end of a long tube on to the fence.
  5. reviving this thread a little here.
    I've made an Xpack of trees for v0.7.0.6 and it seems that no objects with transparancy will 'recieve light' anymore, including the default xpack's trees.
    is this something that has been changed at some point? as i've said earlier in the thread, i noticed it when the 2-sided option came in, but now transparent textures don't recieve any light at all. it would be a bit of a pain to go back to v0.5 just to export trees that take headlights/omni.
    so can anyone else get headlights on trees?
  6. Brendon Pywell

    Brendon Pywell
    Bob's Track Builder

    I've been doing more investigation, it seems this is related to the change that made trees look better in rFactor.

    There is a setting called ...

    Chroma Blend Pixels – sets the size of the border around a chroma-color pixel to blend with the pixel. This is used to soften chroma edges.

    There appears to be an rFactor limitation; when this setting is on, the ability to recieve lights is lost.

    I will make a change and work things the other way when I export from BTB. I will make it so that when you flag something as "Receive Light", the Chroma Blend ability will be switched off.
  7. darn rF limitations! :)
    Thanks Piddy, love your work