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Reasonable wheels for T500

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Kai Lohmann, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. Hey,

    Some of you might now i offer a modservice for the t500rs ferrari addon wheel. I wanna make a step forward and thought about offering some reasonable priced addonwheels for the t500rs.
    No adapter needed , just screw on like the usual wheels. In my example i watched this before :


    And ended up with this WIP:


    Its a OMP suede wheel corsica style and nearly 1:1 to the one on the video.

    Sorry for the dust btw..:p

    Just want to know your thoughts about it. Price would be about 120€ i think.
    No offer here just want to know your thoughts right now.

    Greets Modmate
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  2. Looks good!
    The original GT wheel for the T500 is ok but I prefer the feel of a real steering wheel. So, when I'm not using my Modmate modded F1 wheel, I use the same steering wheel that they use in the Clio Cup :)

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  3. Looking great, but im sure it is a bit more pricey isnt it?
    But really great lookin!:thumbsup:
  4. Yep. It's Renault so it's definitely more pricey :rolleyes:
    I love the feel of it though...so much so that I'm think of fitting it to my real car :)
  5. Yep, but for the real deal its worth it, thought about a real momo also but that would be also to expensive "for the most". I bet it feels great in your real car also.:)
  6. Well for now I'm racing way more in my living room than in my car, so I'll probably keep it on my rig for the winter :)
  7. Is there any danger to fitting real wheels to a controller like this? Presumably they are heavier, and most have a bigger diameter so more inertia too... putting extra stress on the internal components?
  8. That's actually a good question to be asking and I have never thought of that to be honest.
    How 'heavy' is the T500 Ferrari rim for example? The renault wheel or regular momo/sparco wheel, shouldn't be that much heavier I expect though.

    The momo 27c is (0.635 kg)
    A momo 11 is (0.680 kg) for 260 mm version; (0.726 kg) for 280 mm version

    That isn't very heavy at all :)
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  9. Unless it's a huge margin compared to the old, the extra weight shouldn't be a concern for the hardware, but you'll lose FFB/Wheel speed and detail. For example the almost 1kg difference in Clubsport wheel BMW rim and the F1 rim has a noticeable effect on the speed of the FFB:
  10. Hey,


    Well the full modded ferrari wheel is about 1.1kg. The OMP RALLY wheel is exact the same. I really dont feel any differences with that bit of more weight. Also my customers never got any problems with it.

    Greets Modmate
  11. Mark Reynolds

    Mark Reynolds
    Physics & AI Programmer

    I have a very modified OMP Leather Superquadro mounted to my G27 with shifter padals and quick release, the G27 handles it just fine, I have no fear of adding a real wheel to my new T500 when I decide which to have.