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realtime phisics

Discussion in 'Racer Physics and Technical' started by simerrus, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. Hi!
    I need phisical data (acceleration) in real time for move my "chair".
    In documentation says: "In the main ini file, racer.ini, you have a section called 'chair'."
    But I can't find section chair.
    I use version v0.6.5
  2. It may not be in that version, I'll check the 090 version.

    "Chair" is not in ver 090_rc4. What page on racer.nl did you find the info?
  3. I think he was reading about chair controllers, here.
    Maybe he needs to create the section himself.
  4. I think the stuff to support seats that move really well is not in the Free Racer version.

    However you can probably get G-forces out of Racer via Onyx really easily and then do something with those values outside of Racer to get it to something your G-seat will support.

    Kinda related, but I was thinking it'd be cool to have an LFE channel in Racer sounds so we could have a sub woofer attached to a seat just to give you the vibrational information via your seat that the chassis was feeling (purely vertical obviously)

    Personally I'm waiting for someone to have sticky wire things that you put on near your ears that simulate the motion sense signals to your brain, thus avoiding the need to move you around to get 'feelings'
    Then add some vibrations via method above, and use a VR helmet (panoramic vision and total visual immersion)...

    That is gonna kick ass when(if) it arrives :D