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realistic texture

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by mathou, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. bonsoir

    je vient poster un message ici pour savoir si vous avez la solution

    je cherche a avoir une texture de qualité sur le coté de ma spéciale et je n'y arrive pas voila ce que j'obtiens

    good evening

    I just post a message here to see if you have the solution

    I seek to have a texture quality on the side of my special and I can not do this is what I get

    RichardBurnsRally.jpg RichardBurnsRally.jpg

    This does not really beautiful

    while my journey was a very good quality even the small piece of grass

    my road textures and 2048x2048 and grass on the side also

    when I created the Xpack

    I play well with the tool: per meter coverage, lowering from 12 to 5 or 4 but no result

    may be you know the solution to have a very good image quality

    hoping to get an answer


    ce qui ne rend vraiment pas beau

    alors que ma route a une qualité très bonne même le petit bout d'herbe

    ma texture de route et en 2048x2048 et l'herbe sur le coté aussi

    quand j'ai crée le xpack

    j'ai bien jouer avec l'outil : per meter coverage en baissant de 12 a 5 ou 4 mais sans résultat

    peut être savez vous la solution pour avoir une tres bonne qualité d'image

    en espérant avoir une réponse

  2. I don't think there's much wrong with the grass texture. Drivers are not going to focus on what's right in front of them - they'll be looking further along the road. But if you want to increase the resolution of the grass texture, the Scale values are the things you need to change. Values greater than 1 will increase the resolution. The values can be set in XPacker, or you can use Venue Materials from BTB.
  3. Salut,

    ta texture est trop grande, du coup elle s'étale beaucoup est fait un paté.

    en 512 cela suffira largement ;)

  4. I think he wants to match the road grass to terrain grass. There is a thin line of grass next to tarmac but it is not the same scale with terrain grass. I think you need to make correct scale texture by default and after correct it with scale or per meter coverage. 2048x2048 is too big. I suggest you to make 512x512 for terrain and also for road.
  5. merci pour vos réponse

    s'est bien ce que je penser en 512x512 sa ne donne rien de convenable


    alors que une fois j'ai réussie a faire sa en 2048x2048 mais je n'y arrive plus

  6. I understand what you mean.
    The problem is that textures at 2048 use up a lot of resources.
    You can get a similar result with 512 textures if you scale them by 4 times.
    This should give you better frame rates.

    4x4..jpg 1x1..jpg
  7. Hello
    Thank you for the information I obtain exactly what I wanted
    Thank you thank you

    RichardBurnsRally.jpg RichardBurnsRally.jpg RichardBurnsRally.jpg