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Realistic ? or stupidly hard?

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Rob Every, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. OK this game is starting to bug me a little.

    I was in my first year in career on intermediate, was able to win races in a HRT so was in a good position, then the stupid rule comes in that you have pick a series rival and hey presto the field speeds up by about a second a lap, how boring.

    ANyway, after huffingly skipping every session for about 6 races to get to next year I joined Caterham (only three teams offered me) and upped the skill to the next level.

    Melbourne, qualied 18th, got up to 10th in the race after the usual 3 or 4 restarts due to pathetic penalties and then was comfy.

    Had stop, half the field went past and then you are sitting there infront of about 6 cars, all about a second a lap faster then you being a sitting duck at every DRS zone. You get passed by most of them and then try a few moves and get penalized as you can only pas these guys on the brakes as they are so mucg faster everywhere else, power, cornering etc.

    How on earth are you supposed to progess to a better car? You cant possibly get better results in a Caterham, I am not an alien freak, but I am certanly not hopeless, I do well online, but this is crazy, the difficulty on career is insane surely?

    I realise you can get car upgrades, but do they really make much difference?
  2. Upgrades don't make that much of a difference.

    Intermediate + Caterham shouldn't be that hard. I'm winning races on Legend + Caterham, so.. It is possible for sure. You should look into your setup. Maybe you have a problem with that. And if you finish ahead of your team mate, you'll most likely get an offer from a better team, so don't worry. :)
  3. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Hopefully they will tackle this issue for next year as its of course a bit absurd to win races in a HRT or Caterham. Not even the fastest sim racing alien alive should be able to win in a backmarker car.
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  4. That's definitely not realistic IMO.The only thing i tried when i started my career (legend AI), was to be faster than my teamate (Williams).I didnt won a single race in my first season but that seemed more natural than winning with an HRT:confused: .After all i had 4 more seasons to become champion or drive for a better team:).
  5. It takes practice to get good results in the lower cars. In my first season with HRT I struggled but beat my teammate which then got me an offer in the Torro Rosso. Much better. A bit of dedication is whats needed and do it properly, cockpit view, realistic damage mod, full damage settings and no aids. Do every race no matter what the result. In real life you can't skip races can you? Forget these aliens that say they can win races in the lower cars on legend, most of em say they don't use aids but they do, and drive from t-cam etc with racing line on, no damage and in other modes bar career. Not very realistic. Keep at it. Oh and if you use my semi pro database mod, well that brings the pro level down to a better AI level. :thumbsup:
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  6. Can you PLEASE stop showing off?! You're below average, stop pointing out how you play and how good you are. If you used that time to practice - you'd be 1 sec faster already... Like I said many, many times... Realistic damage, aids, cockpit view - none of these actually slow you down...

    And you've been struggling in HRT maybe because you're not like Hamilton and can get your pace only with a really good car...

    And most of the "alien" how you call us.. drivers.. play without ANY assists.. NO racing line.. And I just switched to cockpit camera - no difference at all... Soo.. PLEAAAAAAAAAASE stop showing off... If you were as fast as Mike Partington - OK.. But you're noooot...!
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  7. c'mon..everybody knows you're from Mars:p
  8. The reality is, is that there is always someone better. Better than you, better than me. Everyone has their 'alien' or their 'hero'.

    Practice makes you better but I find watching people who are faster than you also helps alot to find the fastest lines through a corner and ways to gain speed in lap times.

    Also Kristian, be nice.

    While yes it is possible to win in the Caterham, I would find it extremely hard to win in a HRT. The AI are better this year, but at most tracks they still need to improve by around 3-4 seconds if they want to have a difficulty level for even the fastest people out there that would mean finishing in 15th place in a Caterham.
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  10. You need to calm down kid. I notice you didn't have a go at Bram for his Alien remarks. Like I said, if you want to race and thrash everyone on Time Attack or whatever in arcade mode, you go right ahead. Now move along, there is nothing to interest you here.
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  11. Bram? What does Bram have to do here? I think Bram doesn't even play F1 2012...

    Time Attack? I haven't even tried it. I did 4 times on TT just to get the achievement. Anything else? :)

    I see you're confident. Wanna race? 2011 car performance - I'll take the Caterham. You can take the McLaren. :)

    Also, I said Mike, not because Mike is faster than me or Victor, but simply because he was the first one that came to my mind. We all have that someone that can smash us without any problem, but when did you see me pointing out how good I am? You haven't.

    And I AM calm. I'm not screaming, I'm just asking you to stop pointing yourself out. Join a league - when you smash everybody - this is when you rule. If you look around, you'll see that only you say "A bit of dedication is whats needed and do it properly, cockpit view, realistic damage mod, full damage settings and no aids." such things in every comment. It gets annoying. I'm asking you nicely. Please, stop. :)
  12. Kristian may not have put it nicely but there is no reason for you to try and diminish Kristian's or anyone else's ability to play a game.

    Believe it or not but there are people who play without assists and drive in cockpit view, not just yourself. There are also many people who enjoy the game playing in t-cam and with assists and if you believe these people are cheats or wrong then there is something wrong with you as this is afterall a game which primary objective is to have fun.

    For Rob, I suggest you try and forget about only trying to win races in the lesser teams because for them even getting 1 point is like a victory. If you are getting 10th-15th in a Caterham then in actual fact you have found the correct level you should be playing at. In time you get to faster teams however if you complete the Young Drivers Test (both days) you might be able to Toro Rosso, Williams or Force India in your first year which should help you achieve your goals much quicker.
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  13. Oh just grow up. I dont race with rammers and arcade racers.
  14. Well go play with the "super strong non arcady AI" and claim it's super fast because you have damage mod installed and stop calling people you don't know: rammers and arcade racers. If you are so brave you won't have any problems racing with us - the rammers and arcade racers.
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  15. I think the arguments should stop here Victor. I really don't care how fast you and your mates are. You can use whatever views you want and race in whatever mode you want but I'll never believe any of you could beat me in a proper race using realistic damage, real drivers view and full damage and use a wheel and pedals and not a controller. That's the end of it for me and I will not respond to your goading again on this thread. Bye.
  16. If I was a rammer - I wouldn't be in any league.

    Arcade racers? You mean like you? We all play a game which is ARCADE - F1 2012. We're all arcade racers here. At least if it comes down to F1 2012.

    And do you know anything else but "grow up" or "kid"? Interestingly, I haven't seen anyone insult in any other way but "kid"? Maybe that's the fashioned way to do it? If someone needs to grow up here - this is you. I remember when I was 10 years old and I was pointing out myself when I could do something. It seems you're in the same period.

    And many, many people would get behind my back about this showing off from you. If you're gonna help anybody - help him. This isn't a contest. You're not a God if you can do 05's in Canada when we all barely hit 10's in Canada. And if you barely do 25's in Canada - you're not a moron. This is a game. It doesn't freaking matter how you play it and what you achieve in it. This is a FORUM which will HELP you. Not a FORUM on which you can show off. At least it'd be good if you had what to show... Like one friend said "He's as slow as tank and he makes it like we cheat". Think about that. If someone plays in Chase camera - what are you going to tell him? He sucks? But if he suddenly does 2 secs better laptimes - he'll suddenly be cheating, right?

    And please, do not reply if you're just going to say "stfu kid" or something like that. If you have something MEANINGFUL to say - say it. Enough with the pointless comments. :)
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  17. Tom

    Staff Emeritus Premium

    Dafuq did I just read....guys, let's not derail this thread and please keep it civilized.

    Thanks. :)
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  18. Back on topic please. Sorry Tom.
  19. This is a very odd thing to say considering you can't use those mods online so its really an empty gesture. That is like me say I could beat you by only using 1 hand and 1 leg, which to be honest I believe I could. :D

    Not sure you can find much cleaner or competitive racing around.
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  20. As Tom as requested, please get back on topic. Not interested in what you have to say, as childish as it is.