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Misc 'Realistic Onboard' TV ReShade Presets 2016-08-23

Real 'Onboard' Camera Realism

  1. mmpaw37 submitted a new resource:

    Codemasters F1 2016 - 'Realistic ONBOARD' tv ReShade Presets by MMPAW44 - Real 'Onboard' Camera Realism

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  2. On the pictures sky looks always cloudy
  3. Yeah, well unfortunately that's a bi-product of the settings...sorry!
  4. Hi, could you show the settings of the camera?
  5. I've a problem;
    Warning code in dxgi.log

    "Reference count for 'IDXGIDevice' object 0000000006CBFE40 is inconsistent: 2, but expected 1"

    sorry for english :)

    Edit: My Game doesn't working after Sweetfx installation
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2016