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Misc Realistic exhaust flames 1.0

Additional flame textures that look...a bit more flamey :D

  1. Bernd Graf submitted a new resource:

    Realistic exhaust flames - Additional flame textures that look...a bit more flamey :D

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  2. looking good! Do you think it has any fps cost?
  3. None whatsoever. Tested it last night, nothing on my rig lost.
  4. I was wondering... how the game understand to use this new files, since they got new name. :O_o:Actually they are in new folder but got the same name but still....
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  5. The "names" are simply reference numbers. The code accepts all kinds of things...believe me, not just for flames, everything. I have a graphics mod, over 50 cloud textures...the game can recognize way more than the 10 cloud textures provided, I have 22 currently installed and it recognizes them all.

    All you have to do is place the flame textures in the directory I provide in post 1. Since the textures don't overwrite the flame 7 and 8 provided by Kunos, these textures get "added" to what the code already reads... which means awesome flames for you!
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  6. Fantastic work!
    Last edited: Jan 24, 2016
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  7. is there any thread on the oficial forum? i have to extract on every car folder, right?
  8. No, no thread on this to my knowledge.

    Yes, with these files you have to extract and install for every car. Can get to be a pain...but once they're in, it's a thing of beauty :)
  9. ronniej

    The dude Premium Member

    I just got a compliment about the flames in one of my pics from the guy who did Wagnum's Graphic Mod so I told him it was yours and figured I should post it for you ( since you are responsible for em..lol) Ferrari_F40_Bridgehampton.jpg
  10. Well, I thank you
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  11. ronniej

    The dude Premium Member

    Your welcome, I've enjoyed all your work and mods. keep em coming!
  12. cool stuff, i would suggest you though put some transparency to the flames, they look a bit too solid.
  13. Does look awesome, love all your work. You seem to be the go to guy for all the modding knowledge and knowhow :)
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  14. so if the car uses 7 and 8 png files, should I rename some of the mod files and overwrite them? in case of the M3 GT2, still show the original (ugly) flames, if i take 2 of you flames and rename them to 7.png and 8.png it would do the job? and also it should work on the replay i guess
    thanks. sorry for the silly questions
  15. dont rename just add so you have original and this ones too
    if you don't want the original delete them
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  16. does this mod still work after the last AC updates ?
  17. I don't think it will make any sense after the new exhaust flames