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PC Real weather after patch 3.0

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by DonArturo, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. I really love the real weather option and was therefore excited that it should be working again after patch 3.0.
    My problem however is, that it now sometimes works, but most of the time still gives me only clear weather.
    Before I start a session I always go through these steps as very last: cycle through the weather options to fix time and date for the real weather, then start session. About 8 out of 10 times I get clear conditions, the other 2 times the real weather actually kicks in.

    Anyone else got that weird behavior or knows a fix to it?
    (yes, my internet-connection is stable and running)
  2. transition time adjusted to allow changes to take place in limited laps?
  3. sure did, and also made sure by checking the actual weather data, that the places I tried weren´t actually clear at the time ;-)
    IF I actually set up anything wrong I think it would NEVER work, but since it occasionally works, I am really out of ideas what could be the problem
  4. jimortality


    Are you making sure you have the current time and date as well?
  5. yes, by cycling through all weather options until I hit "real weather" again
  6. jimortality


    I don't think it works properly for qualifying only if you set up just a race option.
  7. I got the same problems on quick race without any pre-sessions. The times it worked though, it correctly worked with a qualy-session too, so unfortunately I think this is not the issue here :(
    Think I´ll try reinstalling the game, if that doesn´t help, I might have to resort to checking my port-forwarding settings...
    if anyone still has some suggestions what to try, I´ll be very thankful :)
    (and many thanks to everyone who already tried!!! :) )
  8. jimortality


    Check the pcars forum as there was a thread on there about it.
  9. thanks! will do :)
  10. Yeah "Real Weather" is broken.

    Even if they fix it ingame, 1 big problem remains. They use "openweathermap.org" which is really inaccurate. Here an example:
    All 3 Websites were accessed at the same time (+- 20 sec)