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Real Weather 3 - F1 2011 - Coming Soon

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by vlasovas, Apr 11, 2012.

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    Real Weather 3 - F1 2011 Codemasters

    The codemasters did a good job in this new version of the game, however, on the climate, unlike the previous F1 2010, much has been lost, perhaps in an attempt to make the game lighter, but for those who are fascinated with F1 2010, there was a big disappointment on the part of the climatic effects in this version of 2011, and this mod aims to give back to the user, the fascination with the weather effects
    The mod:
    4 versions and 2 types initially, decided to make 2 types, a very light, only the effect of rain spray from cars and other more complete with spray droplets on the helmet and swirling water in the tires, so those who like to use a heavy challenge, and who wants to have a better effect on the spray without Dificult the gameplay uses the light
    Light Version
    - Spray spirally
    Heavy Version

    - Spray spirally
    - Crystal Drops
    - Drops in greater numbers
    - Vortex of water increased
    - New smoke effects

    to open the installer agree to the license and choose which version you want to use are fiveversions, one is the restoration
    get registration code here and use in installer
    the installer is programmed to locate the disk where windows is installed
    so if you have the game on another partition check first.
    Steam users must manually configure the directory also
    - Avoid using this mod with mod lighting as the gladlights, loses much effect on the spray of water, and visibility is much more difficult
    - Starting this update, use only the restoration to the original version 1.1
    the restoration of the old version, it will not restore some xml files
    - Do not steal my work, this is ugly and disagreeable to all, make your own, for all to enjoy, you will be much greater
    version 1.0
    - 4 versions and 2 types added weather
    - Light version : spray water spiral, and no other changes, so that the visibility be slightly better
    - Heavy version : sprays, smokes, water droplets modified, crystalline, and more becoming a more realistic experience for experts and for those who like a more challenging
    version 1.1
    - Added 2 versions with Spray Short and Long
    - Added version to play online with Spray Short
    - Fixed smokes in dry climate
    - Texture to the light proximity to be placed in car_gen_high.pssg manually

    God, My Daughter, JukaDark, La Plata, Dani Yonamine, RDDev, F1 and the community
    BetaTesters : JukaDark, La Plata

    Sorry english


    1.0 Version



    1.1 Version




    Please do not steal my work, do your own job and you will be much better seen here and anywhere

    Made by vlasovas.
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  2. :)
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  3. Awesome Videos mate
  4. Thx ;)
  5. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Vlas my man.....nice to see you back again :D
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  6. Great! :D
  7. awesome!
  8. beautiful ....:D look forward to!!beautiful .... look forward to!!
  9. Looking forward to your mod... awesome work.
  10. Good Work.F1 2010 also have like this mod.we are waiting
  11. Hi vlasovas
    can u some changes in this mod?
    Rain fall size so big in 2nd picture and video (this very long line) this is not real size
    if u want real size see the video
  12. vlasovas nice to see you again:)
  13. at the time, I do not like seeing the video, because my internet is 2G
    I'll wait for the reviews of the launch after see what I can do
    but the real intent is to give a water bath at who's playing, I'm making it clear to all, the mod name would be "Want to take a bath?"
    is very wet!
    I'm currently making decisions about the drops, size, quantity, performance, etc.

    spray, in my opinion I am satisfied, a friend of mine, who is a pilot, tested the mod and he said that this is the visibility that you have it, then the time will not change.
    What I liked is that you have to keep looking to see the track, made the most gameplay intersting for those who like a challenge

    the drops of water are running on the screen until the end without disappearing, that's good!

    sorry english

    thanks my brother !!! ;)
  14. hi vlasovas
  15. Is FPS down with this mod? How much?
  16. Hi dear
    can u edit the dry line AFTER Wet Track see this video
  17. Neither the beta testers talked about it, my PC is old, I can not give accurate information, the more objects in HD, you have less fps
  18. +1 Yeah. :)
    I remember...
  19. When mod coming ? (date)
  20. 13/04/2012
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