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Misc Real life AI 2014-08-15

The Best Ai Period!!! as close to real life As possible, and ready to School you!!!

  1. electrogear4 submitted a new resource:

    The Best Ai Period!!! Competetive Yet Cleaner Racing Ai ready to School you!!! - 3 to 5 sexond faster laptimes across all levels and all tiers...

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  2. chilton doesnt improve so it is only 21
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  3. thry are all set to 100% and all have exact same engine power .. so it makes it a even level field for the ai, the idea behimd it is so u get a chalange from all cars and not just 3 or 4
  4. you know what dude, when I have an hour or two in the next few days, I will try to resolver this for you.. I am assuming you want him to drive better???
    will see what we can do .... thnx and otherwise hope you enjoyed the mod,,,,
  5. A Faster AI does not mean it's a better AI. "The Best AI" propaganda is false by far.
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  6. Works great maxed out all settings along with the mod ended up in the middle of the pack or at the end.Thanks
  7. Hello, great job! Please, can you tell me what are the values you changed to get safety car comes out after a few seconds and not istantly? Thank you.
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  8. how can you edit horsepower? plz
  9. open the the database 3rd line down on the left ai engine power change it anywhere between 1 and 9999 download the ego database editor here or just google it maker sure download the 2014 schema so it opens the 2014 database,, how much power you looking for I have 2 extra bases done sitting around 1 with average 1700 hundred horse the 2nd 2500 to 3000 horse.. effeminately makes it faster

    database download link http://petar.outer-heaven.net/downloads/
    schema 2014 link http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/schemaf12014-for-ede.3640/
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  10. im good thanks just wanted to know cos im way faster in straight line than ai
  11. if you want to get spanked like an amateur against a f1 driver that's your ai