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Real f1 2010 season

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by isik, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. i was thinking how many u agrees do to that it would be more awesome to do this then career mode or single, multiplayer...
    race all tracks in career mode 100% full race and opponents same strong like u.
    and compare ur real time with real f1 drivers and then start to calculate points for example alonso won italy grand prix 1.20.17 button second 1.20.25 u got 1.20.20... u got second place 18 points.
    this would make career mode also more interesting.. wat u think
    ofcoors some races in real life has raining weather or something but in career there are maybe also some raining races so overall its maybe equal. in real life there are maybe 5 races with rain. try to drive 5 races also with rain or balance this thing. when in game ur race is dry then quit game and come back then weather changes maybe but overall its good idea .
  2. Man, remember that differences between F1 Coddy's and real F1 driving is HUGE, HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEE as possible.

    For a more "realistic" touch, try to drive in "Ferrari Virtual Academy" and close it to Alonso and Massa times ^^.

    Remember too F1 2010 Coddys seeks to be arcadish, in ANY LEVELS.. in another words.. it's to be FUN,
    not to achieve realism =)

    So... yr call =)
  3. if understood what op meant, this suggestion is impossible to implement in a racing game, even if the game physics are realistic enough, 'cause the player's actions in the track always have a big influence over opponents' results. this would only be possible if racing against ghost cars, but again the player would have the huge advantage of not having to deal with traffic and overtaking.
  4. thats why u have to make opponent stronger that its not easy to u win.
    thats best wat we can do... 100% race is hard :p. when u take all help off and default setup it will be hard to beat real driver times.