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RDRC Season 4 - Rally World

Discussion in 'RD Rally Championship' started by Rick Bamford, Dec 24, 2011.

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  2. Season 3 Review

    Welcome back with our RDRC Press! It has been long time we haven't posted any article, so let's quickly recapitulate the last season and take a look at the upcoming changes.

    Changes were done in season 3 as well. New driver grading system allowed more sophisticated philtring of drivers into new classes - from the lowest, 2WD to the highest WRC class. It was success and we can expect something similar to be used in upcoming season. One of the most shocking news was announcement from a two times champion, Sebastien Levret, that he won't participate in the third season and leaves the chance of having hattrick. But those, who watch RDRC, know, that he came back later in the season and ended second overall - just behind Nigel Atkins, who is new RDRC champion.

    Nigel's long way for the title wasn't easy at all. In the first round, held in Norway, he ended 10th overall - outer edge of the scoring positions. Nobody wouldn't bet on him at that time, but the star was growing up very quickly. All the aces from the second season showed who has the rights for the title. Simone Demi (driving S2000 Ford Fiesta) won this round. The two times vice champion, Jakub Sulej, scored only in Round 4, so his ambitions to win this season were gone.

    Second round won Tor Anders Berven - another favorite, who showed his speed in season 2, this time in Australia. S2000 class, dominating in previous round, was outpaced and WRC cars took the front positions. After this round, it wasn't still clear who has the biggest chance of becoming champion, because drivers, who hadn't participated in previous round, did amazing job - for example second Gabor Tim or third John Cunningham.

    For round 3, we moved to France. Tarmac and "zigzag" roads mastered the best Nigel and started his line of great results. Luckily for him, he scored in all previous events and all drivers, who could possibly endanger him, hadn't participated or finished low in the field. But then, an announcement from Sebastien was published on his Facebook fan page, that he comes back and tries to still win his third title in a row.

    And that it was how Sebastien again didn't allow anyone to beat him and, with the most of stages won, he ascended on the highest place on podiums. But Nigel held his nerves in calm and finished second, which raised him to the lead overall. Magnar Haarstadsveen tried to attack his pace and after this round, he was constantly taking 3rd places overall (first and second in the class) in his S2000 Fiat. But it only helped him to finish second in P class later in the season.

    All expectation were fulfilled when Sebastien again dominated the whole round (this time fifth). Just like in the previous one, Nigel finished second. It was still good enough to stay in the lead, but the gap was closing very fast - Nigel had to start thinking more about the upcoming rounds, if he wanted to grab the title in his hands. Magnar was leaving Spain third, but Warren Dawes, with the 4th place overall and second in his class secured his lead between S2000s and was on his way for P class title.

    Not far was driven the sixth round - Mont Blanc. This time, Sebastien wasn't the "dominator" for the whole time and finished second. The one, who made him eat the dust, was - nobody else than - Nigel Atkins. These circumstances were not lucky for great Seb - he had to win all next events to become champion, but as we already know, it didn't happen.

    A lot of teams were struggling to enter the round 7, because moving to Japan is very expensive and smaller teams couldn't afford it. But the main part of field arrived - and neither Nigel or Sebastien saw the finish line first. It was newcomer to this series, Manuel Samaniego, and as everybody noticed - new star to being afraid of in season 4. Sebastien was able to catch the second place, but Nigel couldn't climb higher than a 5th place. Magnar again finished 3rd and first in his class, but with Warren second in that class already won the title - Production class championship.

    Last round, the famous Rally of Wales, had to decide - who will be this year champion? Sebastien had to win and Nigel must finished the best 3rd. Nigel really finished 3rd, but unluckily for Seb, the winner was again Manuel, who managed to win all the stages. This results mean only 13 points different between Nigel and Sebastien and Nigel could celebrate his RDRC championship title. "I want to thanks all my sponsors, my team and my fans - without them I wouldn't be able to win a stage" he said. "Ohh, I almost forget - Rick, the main organizator, is still askin one question - Can somebody finally beat Sebastien Levret?! So, Rick, this is my answer!" he laughed.

    Let's summarize and mention all the classes/grades winners:
    1. Overall, A class, Grade 1: Nigel Atkins
    2. Production class: Warren Dawes
    3. Junior class: Jani Nylander
    4. Rookie class: Norman Bruce
    5. Grade 2: Magnar Haarstadsveen
    6. Grade 3: James Knowles
    7. Grade 4: David Jundt
    8. Team standings: Team Terror Australis A (Jeremy Loveland/Warren Dawes)

    For those, who like more numbers than a words, Manuel collected some very interesting informations about season 3. Lets look at the most important:

    101 Drivers
    5 Months
    7 Countries - Norway - Australia - France - Finland - Spain - Japan - Wales
    3 Surfaces - Gravel - Tarmac - Snow
    102 Stages
    705 Competitive kilometres.
    5 Rally Winners

    And some facts about drivers themselves:

    Nigel Atkins :
    Best Rally : Rallye Terre De L'Auxerrois - 1st place - 5 Stage wins.
    Worst Rally : Rally of Norway - 10th place - 1 Retirement - 2 Stage wins.

    Sebastien Levret :
    Best Rally : Kouvola Auto-Ralli - 1st place - 11 Stage wins.
    Worst Rally : Rally of Wales - 2nd place - 0 Stage wins.

    Magnar Haarstadveen :
    Best Rally : Rally Costa Brava - 3rd place - 1 Stage win.
    Worst Rally : Rallye Terre De L'Auxerrois - 6th place - 0 Stage wins.

    Thanks Manuel for that!

    Now, we move on to check all main changes for upcoming season, fourth. Realistic damage was considering for very long time and a lot of discussions were done because of it. But the final decision is to run realistic damage - after several tests in Rally Club it seems like a good step forward. "While it will make it more of a challenge for new drivers it is hoped that it will assist in making everyone drive in a more realistic and clean manner. After all, the only time realistic damage will be a problem is if you make a mistake." Rick Bamford, the main organizer, commented.
    New driver class system is now even more sophisticated than before - classes were limited to A1 (A8W '11 - '12 cars), A2 (A8W '99 - '08 cars), S-RDRC (S2000s), P-RDRC (N4s) and 2WD cup (all 2WD cars under 2 liters). Except the 2WD cup, every class is limited to each grade - from Grade 1 to Grade 4. There won't be possibility of changing cars/grades during the season like we were used to. More informations can be found in the RSRC S4 Rules thread.
    Another difference is in the organize team. Ondřej Kapal is leaving the Media producer post and after 3 seasons of being RDRC staff, he leaves. "I want to thank everybody involved in the RDRC, from drivers over fans to the main concept and staffs - Rick and Senad Subasic, who were there from the whole start with me. I am happy I could be part of it, but now it's time to move on, because I wasn't fulfilling the expectations anymore. I want and will participate in season 4, as a driver mainly, in Škoda 130 RS - true legend of Czech motorsport."

    First round of season 4, with Nigel now defending his title, starts in January 2012. Everybody is looking forward to it and last preparations will be done after New Year. If nobody will take over Ondřej, we are sorry to say that this is the last time you can read from our RDRC Rally press. It was pleasure to write for such a fans like you, it was pleasure to work for you. We wish all the best in 2012 and genuinely Happy New Year!
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  3. Manuel De Samaniego

    Manuel De Samaniego
    3X Race Department Rally Champion

    Very very nice review Ondrej :) thanks for publishing!

    Seb has a facebook fan page? lol

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  4. Roy Magnes

    Roy Magnes
    Gentleman Driver Staff Member

    Another good write-up, Ondrej :) Too bad I had a season not worth mentioning in any circumstance, I will have to do something about that for the upcoming season ;)
  5. Sorry Roy, a lot of drivers, who deserve to be mentioned are not there.
  6. Roy Magnes

    Roy Magnes
    Gentleman Driver Staff Member

    I know, and this season I have not mixed myself high enough on the rankings to be mentioned either ;) Which is why I have to do better this upcoming season.
  7. End of 3rd rally season sadly became down-prioritised for me. And without any word. My RL work had to come in front of my rallying unfortunately. But now I am on the board, and I have my paternity leave for a couple of days a week all the way to the summer ... I hope I will get some more time to practice and serious competing.
    I am a little disapointed that there where no WRC 2011 cars... a hope for next season?
  8. RDRC Season 3 - Round 8 / Day 1
    Commentary by Roy Magnes

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  9. Manuel De Samaniego

    Manuel De Samaniego
    3X Race Department Rally Champion

    Beautiful!!! great video! thankyou Roy, thankyou Senad, loving it :) can't wait for day 2, if you need a skin for my car, i'll upload it in a bit :D

  10. Really great job guys, loved it. Didnt thought I`ll be there as well, got pretty suprised. And as Manual said - if you need - I could upload my skin also :)

    EDIT: Well, whether you want (need) it or not - here it comes :p


    Thanks for the video! :)
  11. Nice job Senad and Roy, thanks for all of your work on these.
  12. Manuel De Samaniego

    Manuel De Samaniego
    3X Race Department Rally Champion

    Guys, i used to do exactly that kind of videos and i know the big pain they can be, your work is much appreciated.

    I uploaded my skin too, for day 2 if you need it :) link :


  13. Is it just me or the Manuels video lags a little? At what FPS rate did you recorded it?
  14. Manuel De Samaniego

    Manuel De Samaniego
    3X Race Department Rally Champion

    At a terrible one, i knew nothing about good FPS by then.

    It's not just you, it does lag, my computer is not for recording videos, offcourse not making highlights, just wanted to show that it does take a lot of attention to detail and time to get one of those kind of videos ready :)

  15. Cheers all.

    Just noticed several black screens, don't know why it happens, or how to prevent it, sorry. Rendered and uploaded for ~7 hours, so wasn't paying much attention at all times :D
    I guess I should try a different rendering software, but I got everything sorted here...

    Got your skins, will be used, thanks
  16. Roy Magnes

    Roy Magnes
    Gentleman Driver Staff Member

    I have forgotten to upload my Fabia-skin, I included it into the dropbox folder :) It is no different to the one I used the previous season, though, but it looks nicer than the default one :)
  17. Great video! Thanks to Senad and Roy.
  18. Ditto. Thank you Roy and Senad, nicely done. I really missed these highlights;)
  19. nice one, pity I never bothered to send in replays after round three or so, that'll teach me old lazybone :)
  20. Manuel De Samaniego

    Manuel De Samaniego
    3X Race Department Rally Champion

    Season 4 starts in two weeks!
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