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RDRC Rules Change Thread

Discussion in 'RD Rally Championship' started by Rick Bamford, Sep 22, 2010.

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  1. From time to time The organisers of the Rally cahmpionship will find the need to modify, change or delete rules. In this thread you will find any rules changes that have been applied.

    Rule change : The following rule will be deleted from the RDRC rules.

    Premier drivers wishing to score points in the league must compete in at least 1 Club rally event between each league rally and prior to the league begining.

    While this rule has been deleted, ALL drivers are encouraged to compete in as many club rallies as possible. It is a great way to learn stages and get much needed practice.
  2. As this is the first championship Senad and myself have run there are a few teething issues. I am offering a one-off chance to make a few changes. No driver MUST make these changes, it is only an offer to those wish to. If those driver affected wish to take advantage of these changes please post in the sign-up thread.

    1/ Any driver using a WRC03 car in A league will be allowed to switch to a WRC05.

    2/ The following Drivers will be allowed to move from A league to Premier league.
    Lukasz Demolin
    Sebastian Castelli
    Steve Bean
    Sami Pesari
    Helder Moreira
    Daryl Brady
  3. RDRC S2 Rule changes:-

    With the introduction of RSRBR2011 we will have to review a couple of rules for the RDRC S2.
    After talking to a few people regarding the sessions the RDRC uses and the fact that Senad had to create 9 sessions for the last round at the last minute I have decided to modify the sessions that are available and the rules around them. These rules might sound strict but I believe it is unfair to have Senad put under so much pressure on the day of the rally especially when he is driving as well.


    1/ 3 sessions will be created on each day, starting from Saturday to Tuesday. Sessions will be numbered 1 to 4 in regard to the day they are driven on.

    2/ Each driver MUST nominate which session they want to drive in when they sign up for the round.

    ie - Rick Bamford - Lucifer - RDRC Rd1 OC2 (Sunday session in the OC time zone)

    ONLY the sessions that drivers have nominated for will be created and entries close the Friday before the rally.

    3/ There will be NO extra sessions created.

    4/ The only exception to the creation of extra sessions will be in the case that the organisers make an error with time conversions or stages.

    This rule change will provide plenty of options for current drivers and opening up to weekend sessions should allow other drivers to join in. It will also mean Senad will KNOW what sessions will be running and not create last minute stress. (he didn't complain about the work load, i just think it is unfair to put him in that situation.)

    RSRBR2011 has also changed some of the stages available. A review of the BTB stages has taken place and the listed stages have been modified.

    Tervienami 15km is currently not available but Peklo will be included.

    It may be necessary to change round 5. The stages that are available over the next few months will determine the outcome of this.

  4. As it is POSSIBLE that I am wrong (i don't think i am) that the S2000 cars will be much faster than the N4 cars, I am introducing a new rule for the champions league for S2.

    Champion Legue Drivers have to option of changing car ONCE during the season. All changes must be posted in the sign-up thread. If the driver is part of a team BOTH team members must change to the same car.
  5. The Peklo stages from the Slovakia Stage Pack is now included in the Non-Original stages that may be used during the championship.

    Peklo (Slovakia stage pack)
    Peklo snow (Slovakia Stage pack)
  6. After Round 1 of RDRC S2 the following rule has been added.

    Once a driver logs into a session, even one prior to the session they have registered for, they MUST compete in THAT session. They may compete in later sessions as well for practice however only the FIRST session they log into will be included in the results. Should a driver Log in and not compete they will be classed as retired for all stages not completed in their FIRST session.
  7. After reviewing the results of round 1 & 2 for season 2, the list for drivers that MUST drive in Premier league has been updated. The following four drivers have been added to the list.

    Gabor Tim - Bika
    Ben Buitendijk - Ben797
    Attila Kiss - Paffy
    Mark Johnston - Madmonkey
  8. Another driver added to this list is

    Ole Marius Myrvold - Ole Myrvold
  9. Due to the responce regarding the rules for the Teams Championship and the number of events needed to compete in, this rule is being reviewed. Any feed back or suggestions should be made in the suggestions thread for consideration by the RDRC Directing team.
  10. Update 4 of RSRBR2011 will include the following stages that may be included in the RDRC. Please start testing to find any issues as soon as you can. These stages are avalible to download prior to the update being released from the BTB stages WIP and released thread at rallyesim.

    Kipping - Sweeden Stage pack
    Limbo - Sweeden Stage Pack
    Dead Head - Sweeden Stage Pack
    Savo - Finland
    Slomczyn rally cross - Poland stage pack
    Rally Poland shakedown - Poland Stage Pack
    Alahala - Madagascar Stage Pack
    Vontovorona - Madagascar Stage Pack
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