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RDLMS Test Event This Weekend!

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Yoeri Gijsen, Mar 18, 2010.

  1. Yoeri Gijsen

    Yoeri Gijsen

    RDLMS Logo..png Saturday the 20th of March RDLMS hosts its first Fuji Test Event. Take a look and join!

    With Round 4 coming up it is time to take your car out of the garage and engage in some testing. After all the 8 Hours of Fuji are only three weeks away. We hope lots of teams will join to make it a quality test.

    For more information check the Fuji Test Event thread.
  2. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
    Administrator Staff Premium

    Spyker time :) Ill be there!