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RDiR NASCAR Event - Official Practice session online tonight

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Kevin Watts, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. In preparation for the RDiR NASCAR event at Charlotte Motor Speedway in the Chevrolet Silverado this Sunday a 6 hour official practice session will be on-line tonight starting from 20:00 GMT. This will hopefully give drivers some track time together to get used to the new tyre model which was released for the Silverado today. Details for Sundays event and a sign-up page can be found here.
  2. Which clashes nicely with Ramon's unofficial session @ Suzuka with the Ford GT and HPD ARX-01.

    Oh, decisions, decisions, lol.

  3. Well an official practice was always going to run as we had a scheduled event for Sunday, it was going to be last night but then the release date was pushed back to today and Saturday is too close to the actual race to get some good laps in.
  4. Wow! this new tyre model has made the Silverado a much more stable beast, I'm much heavier on the throttle through the turns and the truck feels much less skittish through the tri-oval start/finish straight. I really enjoyed doing some laps drafting with Lars just now, man this truck is just soo much more fun to drive now! its opened up a lot more grooves around the ovals in my opinion! Really looking forward to Sunday now!
  5. Is anyone finding any steering wheel issues since the new build. FFB and such?

    Seems there are plenty of folks on the iR forums bleating that something is broken and most of the cars feel bad.

    I did notice when I was sat idle in the Suzuka pits in the HPD, my wheel was vibrating quite a bit.

    Other than that, I'd have to agree with Kev. I've only run the HPD @ Suzuka and the Silverado @ Charlotte but they felt great. I might need to do some tweaking with the new damping setting for the wheel as well as the Logitech Profiler settings, as I'd have to say it feels a little different to previous build.

    Also loving the real-time positions on the timing towers. Cool addition to the 2 tracks I've run so far.

  6. Mine vibrated a tiny bit but nothing out of the ordinary really. FFB felt as good as ever and the NTM is awesome ;) Managing to keep the car out of the wall but unable to put in consistently competitive times.