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RDD Mods and Threads - Web Admin PLEASE Read

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Craig Turner, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. I mentioned this a while ago when the RDD Team started but nothing was really done about it

    As part of the "official" team on these forums I find it really crazy that you do not use a Sub Forum for Official RDD Mods still ?

    I run my own Development team myself www.realitymod.com. One thing I do is ensure all our team releases are structured and accountable, so as not to get mixed up with Community Development.

    I have recently reinstalled F1 2010, after an SSD upgrade - so had to format my PC.

    I then decided to look around for the RDD Mods I used to use ............. however I gave up in the end, as they are all just lost and mixed up with the 100's of Mod threads in there.

    Is there no way the Web Admins can not create a simple RDD Mod sub forum within the Mods Forum, and place all officially released RDD Mods in there ........ it would make ours and your lives much, much easier?

    Its a shame all your work is getting lost in there, and it would help to keep track of what you have released, and what needs an update etc.

  2. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

  3. lol, indeed a small world - we are currently in the process of creating an ArmA2/OA version too, along with our own Retail version, after we won a game engine licence last year.

    My apologies for not finding the links mentioned - however they are not that clear IMO.

  4. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    [fanboymode]Please keep us posted m8 about the developments. Exciting stuff you guys are creating [/fanboymode]
  5. Bram will do mate, will get registered on that forum actually - I can link our updates to your site too as we do this for a lot of gaming sites, so we should chat about that over there maybe?

    A teaser of a Mastiff we are working on for PR: ArmA2 ....



  6. I think you guys should sticky this post in the mods section ^^ I can see why the question was asked & I myself have never come accross that link before...
  7. In context with this,

    I have just looked through some of the Mods available, and there seems to be a whole load of Rip Offs just repackaged, and also a lot that are killing peoples games.

    This is not good at all, maybe RD could use an approval process, where mods are submitted to RD to be hosted - they are then checked by the RDD Team or someone, and if all is ok they go public to download.

    A little bit of quality control if you like, so your not hosting files that are rip offs and/or dangerous to the community.

    Just a thought, but one worth thinking about maybe, I would hate RD to get a name for hosting rip off mods etc.

  8. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    If somebody wants to step up as the mod police, speak out :) I am working 60 hours a week and also spend a lot (too much:D) on RD as well.

    @Craig: sick vehicles, when will we see those in a racing game :D
  9. Excellent Man, i really like the mastiff, that looks real, great job guy's , i might buy ARMA2 just for your mod :)
  10. We hope to get it out "within" the next 6 months, I am also finalising an exclusive deal with Bohemia Interactive which will aid us as a Development team a lot.

    A few more teasers - showing our Apache - Still WIP

    Pilot Cockpit

    Gunners Cockpit

    Apache - No Textures Yet

    Back on topic, Would be good if someone could step up to quality control the mods out there, although as you can see I have my work cut out with Project Reality, and a RL job and family ....lol
  11. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Same here :) Only 24 hours in a day. Maybe we can make some changes when F12011 is out. All improvement tips are welcome.
  12. First of all I think RDD needs to get a separate section for the mods cause they do get lost in space, I am one of the co-founders of RDD and even I can't find them sometimes.
    Another thing the quality control is kinda diffecult to do for someone who hasn't made a mod or didn't make the mod he or she is checking, what I mean is doing a graphical mod you know what you changed and you will look for it like a little bump in a line or something else.
    What we do need is someone who can check to see if someone didn't take someones work and never asked permission cause this seems to happen a lot lately, I do come here every day and I don't want to see this site being turned into rip off site.
    I do believe that is a number 1 quality site and it has to stay this way.

    To the OP are those models made by you guys ? If yes then that is some outstanding work very very nice.
  13. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Why is it so hard to find them, i dont get it. Click downloads in the navigation bar and select F1 2010 and they are righ in front of your nose :)

    Dont forget there are also other modders than only this group. They have right on a good visible spot as well.
  14. You are clearly a veteran of this site & know where everything is (either that or you're a serial spammer looking at your post count).

    Thanks to CM putting out such a mess of a game that they did (F1 2010) with lots of people looking for a fix to their problems, & getting no joy from CM official forum, they started looking elsewhere. Racedepartment.com kept cropping up, so many of them found their way here. I would imagine the majority of these people were just looking for a patch, an .exe file they could download, double click, & have it do it's stuff.

    Instead they found their way to a modders site (& the other things you guys do) which required a bit of technical know how etc. The point I'm trying to make is, that this place got an influx of new types of people who wouldnt under normal circumstances come to a place like this.

    As a result of this you have a lot of people who wont go wandering out of their section...


    They realise they are in a place where they have to be on their best behaviour, its not the usual type of forum they are used to, it can be a bit intimidating. Put yourself in their shoes...

    (as a hypothetical situation, imagine you ride a scooter, you are the most confident bloke in the world, you turn up somewhere because its been reccommended, only to find it's full of Hells Angels & not scooters like you was expecting! Chances are you're just going to go away again)

    So these people are not wandering out of their section, & at the top of the page they see 4 links.

    Racing League (not interested)
    Racing Club (not interested)
    Set Ups (lets have a look at that)
    Mods (ah yes that must be the bit I'm looking for)

    They click on the mods link, 4 stickies, & then a random list of Mods...

    They have found the mods & start ploughing through the list, they have no need to go looking elsewhere, so therefore they dont!
    Whoever would have thought the mods would be also listed in a different section, in an order thats much easier to use! ie http://www.racedepartment.com/dlcat-f1-2010-game-89/

    That link should be the 1st link (sticky) imo in the mods section... ^^

    So the point is, it's not that the downloads section is hard to find, but the Mods section is easier to find, & once they've found it, they dont go around looking for it again in a different place!


    As for the Mod Police or Quality Control or making sure mods work & aren't stolen, I for 1 would be happy to offer my time. The only trouble is I'm not a modder, so I wouldnt be much use. I know nothing about it, I have managed to get my wheel working from what I learnt here, I have managed to tweak my cockpit view from what I learnt here, but that is about it. I am happy to offer my services as a moderator or admin, freeing up time for those of you who know about modding.
    I am a savvy PC user, self taught HTML (had my own website for 12 years & set up a couple of commercial ones as well), self taught MS Access (set up a couple of DBs), self taught building PCs...
    But I have never been a moderator, yet I have to constantly help my GF who managed to get a paid job (part time) as a moderator, even though she doesnt know her way round an email!!!

    None of this is meant as criticism, it's just that sometimes when you know too much, you forget what it was like when you knew nothing!

    & finally Bram, you are funny
  15. Everything is laid out well, first time i came to this site i found everything i needed very simple, surely people ain't that stupid? ignore my arrogance if i have any but damm it's not as hard people are making out it to be.

    Me and my brother find everything very easy either by google or the search engine here, wait we use the most important thing (Our Eyes) .... it isn't that hard to find these mods.

    However...... i think The usual Modder's should have better privileges when they upload their upload they should be near the top as their guranteed to be good quality and of value to the game.
  16. It may not hurt to have a sticky at the top of the mod section for those who miss the little sub link under the main Mod Section link - cant really hurt can it? Im sure stickies have been added for less! Its not an admission that they are hard to find, just makes it easier for those people who do miss it.

    I personally didnt have a problem finding the right section. My only grumble is when you are in one of the 3 sections and try and sort the mods by number of d/l's - it doesnt work.
  17. Yes Micheal thay are, we have quite a large team, covering every area of development, so all our work is ours from scratch. We have pretty much got a full "faction" of the British Army now for ArmA2.
  18. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Can't reproduce that either, works fine here (see attachment)

  19. Defo props for that Mastiff - made my mouth water just looking at it. Polygon-tastic!