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RD GT5 DT2: Lotus @ Fuji Speedway F

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by Stuart Pocock, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Stuart Pocock

    Stuart Pocock
    I'M BACK... Again :)

    Car: Lotus
    PP: No Limit
    Track: Fuji Speedway F
    Tyres: Comfort Soft
    Tuning: Yes
    Driving Aids: All Off / ABS 1 maximum
    Tyre/Fuel Depletion: Off
    Grip Reduction: Real
    Mechanical Damage: Off
    Availability: 29/11/2012 - 13/12/2012

    You must run the Drift Trial in Seasonal events. Available from the GT Life screen.
    Two wheels must remain on the track at all times. Cutting corners or using run-offs will result in disqualification.
    You must save a replay of your best drift for verification in case you win the event. No replay = No prizes.

    How to Enter
    The GT5 DTs are open to all RaceDepartment members, both licensed and unlicensed. The first thing you will need to do is add me to your friends list. My PSN ID is [Stu999man]. When you send the request, please put 'RD GT5 DT' in the message so that I know who you are.
    Click on 'Seasonal Events' and then the selected DT. Selecting the required track will bring up the options menu (driving aids, etc), which must be set up according the event restrictions detailed above. Click OK, wait for the track to load, and then burn some rubber!
    When you are done drifting, do not forget to click on the 'Save Best Lap Replay' button! This is very important as a replay will be required for verification should you win the event. It will also be used to make a video of the winning lap which will be posted here once the event closes.
    Post your drifts in this thread and they will be added to the leader board below. You can make as many attempts and post as many times as you like, so if at first you don't succeed, try try again! ;)

    1. FerrariMan96- Lotus 111R '04- 4896
  2. I've had a go at this but yet to post a decent score - I keep fouling all my good runs!
  3. Ok well I'm on 4560... All I can say is that it's a start... :p

    Car is a Lotus Elise 111R '04, highly modified with short gear ratios and Comfort Softs on front and Hards on Rear.
  4. Up to 4896
  5. Stuart Pocock

    Stuart Pocock
    I'M BACK... Again :)

    Nice drifting there :)
  6. I'm learning to drift.... v slowly. I'm trying to get a bronze before posting - feeling like a complete and utter noob. Really appreciating the skill involved though and when you catch it - feels good ! :sneaky:

    I'm using an Evora, pretty standard apart from some added power, with comfort medium
  7. Stuart Pocock

    Stuart Pocock
    I'M BACK... Again :)

    I'm going to having a few attempts tonight.. if I get 1 point I'll be happy :)
  8. I don't know how people get Gold in these drift trials... They're really quite hard.
  9. Stuart Pocock

    Stuart Pocock
    I'M BACK... Again :)

    What I've done in the past is watch a replay of the one in the top ten over and over again. Until you think you can do it
  10. Just BTW, how do I send to the replay because I've just realised I will be on holiday before the end of the challenge. Just in case :D
  11. Stuart Pocock

    Stuart Pocock
    I'M BACK... Again :)

    Well done mate, as you had the only entry you've won :) I'll send you a PM regarding replays etc..