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RD Exclusive! Ricmotech, GTpro3 Xtreme Tilton Floor Mount 3-Pedal Set

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by AussieStig, Oct 28, 2015.

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    Frank Rico of Ricmotech has kindly offered to allow me to exclusively report on his soon to be released ‘’RealGear’’ sim racing pedals! This pedal set, aimed at the higher end of the sim racing market, is a no-compromise design, using only the best and most robust components in its construction. Ricmotech has conceptualised and constructed these pedals for sim racers that are looking to fit real world styled pedals to their sim racing rigs! In fact, these are real world pedals!

    IMG_5477-3 copy.jpg

    Pedal Frame:

    During our chat, Frank Rico revealed to me that he has gone to extreme lengths to ensure all three pedal interfaces received special attention to detail, allowing for a compromise free design.

    Because of their proven track record in real world applications, Ricmotech chose the Tilton 600 series pedal frame as the basis for his design. According to Ricmotech, this frame offers perfect geometry and adjustability to enable it to be fitted to most any sim racing set up. The pivot points for the pedals are set back far enough to give one’s heel room whilst braking heavily. The pedal faces themselves are vertically and laterally adjustable and are machined in such a way as to provide constant contact with your feet. All in all, Ricmotech believes this frame is the perfect foundation for their new pedal set.

    IMG_5447 copy.jpg

    “When we designed our pedal sets, we didn't simply attempt to make pedals that felt realistic. Instead, we looked into the mechanics in a real car that contribute to the feel of the pedals and replicated the mechanical aspects. The result is a pedal set which has the most accurate sensations of any sim-racing pedal set . . . period." - Frank Rico, Ricmotech

    IMG_5510 copy.jpg

    Here is a quick rundown of the methods and philosophies involved in the construction process, which is a testament to Frank's commitment to realism.

    Throttle Pedal:
    The Tilton throttle pedal already had a factory fitted return-spring, but lacked the resistance of a carburettor or throttle body return-spring. The pedal is re-machined to accept a secondary return- spring to provide the correct amount of resistance to the throttle pedal. The pedal has adjustable throw, catering for varied driving styles.The throttle actuates an industrial duty Honeywell state-of-the-art Hall-effect sensor for lifetime fidelity without any moving parts.

    Brake Pedal:
    The most critical pedal for all sim racers has been designed to replicate the real world mechanics of braking systems. Based on Ricmotech’s testing, the slave cylinder has been uniquely modified, by analysing the forces at play on the master cylinder, brake lines, brake hoses, callipers, pads and disks. The result is a compact system which not only generates the sensations of the mentioned components under stress, but more importantly the reactions of these components when the stress is relieved.

    The master cylinder uses hydraulic fluid to interact with the specially modified slave cylinder and an all-stainless steel industrial pressure sensor reads the hydraulic pressures in the braking system and sends this information to the ECU for further processing. There will be two load options for the brake pedal, 80 kgs or 175 lbs and 160 kgs or 350 lbs. Adjustability is also built into the pedals by means of interchangeable resistance modules on the slave cylinder assembly which gives you the feel of a modified street car all the way up to an F1 car’s brake feel. In fact, this makes the pedal infinitely adjustable for feel, and will allow it to transmit every nuance of the braking cycle to the driver.

    Clutch Pedal:
    Perhaps his biggest achievement and one of which he is most proud, the clutch pedal has been designed to replicate the mechanical feel of a real world racing clutch. Frank explained that a road car’s clutch is fitted with a complex mechanism to assist the driver in keeping the clutch pedal depressed whilst the vehicle is motionless. In a race car, the only force acting on the pedal is the clutch pressure plate spring. This diaphragm-shaped spring gradually requires less effort the further the pedal is depressed. Depressing the clutch pedal actuates a pneumatic master cylinder which utilises a pressure sensor, rather than a position sensor to uniquely determine clutch engagement the way a real hydraulic clutch system operates. According to Ricmotech, this unique solution has resulted in an extremely realistic racing clutch feel.

    The pedals interface with the PC via an in-house built ECU, no third-party software is required to run on your PC to perform any calibrations or adjustments to your pedals. The ECU receives all the position readings from the pedals and processes them prior to sending them to the PC over the USB port, using its internal 16mhz micro-controller at its core. The ECU is capable of performing over 15,000 pedal reads per second and analyses this abundance of information to extrapolate the smoothest and most accurate pedal position information possible.

    IMG_5503 copy 3.jpg

    All the main features of this upcoming pedal set are listed here for you below:
    • Built on Titlon 600 Series Floor Mounted Pedals
    • All Metal Construction
    • Magnetic Hall Effect Sensor on Throttle Pedal for Accurate Position Readings
    • Real Master Cylinder on Brake and Clutch
    • Real Racing Clutch Feedback
    • Pressure Sensor on Master Cylinders Reads Pedal Force
    • Adjustable Pedal Positions
    • Micro-controller based ECU
    • Up To 15,000 Pedal Reads per Second
    • Up To 1,000 Pedal Updates per Second (PC Limitation)
    • Fast and Smooth Pedal Response
    • Only Updates PC as Necessary to Conserve Bandwidth
    • Adjustable Dead Zones for All Pedals
    • Selectable Linearity Curves for All Pedals
    • Can Disable Clutch to Optimise Processing
    • Stores Five Profiles in Internal EEPROM
    • All Settings Stored In Black Box EEPROM
    • Powered by USB
    • For PC only
    • Compatible with Win XP, Vista, 7 & 8 (32- and 64-bit)
    • Simple Installation
    • Unlimited Life-Cycle
    • One Year Limited Warranty
    • Free Technical Support

    Pricing and availability will be appearing shortly over on Ricmotech's website.

    I am looking forward to receiving a set of these pedals shortly to review for you all here on RaceDepartment. I will be fitting them to my HyperStim styled rig and can’t wait to see if all this great sounding info stacks up in practice. They certainly have me excited at the prospect of feeling real world racing forces via these very business-like looking pedals. My thanks to Frank Rico from Ricmotech for making himself available to be quizzed on his upcoming release.

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  2. Enzo Fazzi

    Enzo Fazzi
    Always sideways Premium Member

    Ahh, that's why I'll never be a real racing driver! My feet are far too big!
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  3. quicksilver384

    Roaring Pipes Maniacs | #85 Staff Member Premium Member

    I have the same problem lol thats why i have to brake with the right side of my right foot and clutch with the left side of my left foot in a berlingo.

    on the plus side i can use all 3 pedals without really moving my feet and my right foot is wide enough for gas and brake at the same time :)
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  4. Sure hope these are reasonable... Currently pedal-less and nothing is in stock....
    Onboard profiles should be really handy and I'm also happy to see the clutch uses belleville washers..

    I do have one gripe and don't take this the wrong way..
    - Unlimited Life-Cycle !
    One Year Limited Warranty ... huh?
    if you believe these are bullet proof why not offer 2-3?
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  5. With long wait times (4-6 months or more) to get new high-end pedal sets, it seems there is plenty of room for another option in the market. I'd be surprised to see these priced below the $1000 (usd) level though (makes a pneumatic brake mod on my pedals pretty attractive).
  6. Matt

    Premium Member

    I was thinking that too, 1 year warranty?

    They look killer though!
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  7. Yep, my guess is $2000usd if not more... the off the shelf hardware alone is ~1k.
  8. Ouch, I can scratch these off my wishlist then.:) I do like that they are making the extra effort to "feel" like a real car with some variability, sounds interesting.
  9. rocafella1978

    Premium Member

    1) can u move them around? have to width/ distance adjustable, like in RL, otherwise can sell only to smaller feet people.
    2) can u hang them? (upside down ready?)
    3) can u mount any aftermarket pedal faces with no hassles? (sparco, omp, momo and etc)
    4) why only 1 year warranty? (if life cycle is unlimited)
    5) does it come with drawings and templates for bolting to frame/ rig? pre-drilled holes?

    ...nice looking pedals though.
  10. Yapci

    Premium Member

    If it is lifetime cycle it should be lifetime warranty. Period.

    Hope to see a video soon of this "not cheap" great looking pedals"
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  11. I am not speaking for Ricmotech ....

    1, no, the Tilton 600 is a solid aluminum unit.
    2, Tilton 600 is a floor mount unit.. but anything is possible.
    3 & 5 http://tiltonracing.com/product/600-series-3-pedal-floor-mount-assembly/
    however I have no idea about Ricmotech's plate.
  12. I have an answer for you regarding mounting the pedals, they are indeed designed to be floor mounted on their own or with the pictured optional mounting plate, which is pre-drilled for G25/G27/G29. The whole assembly can be fitted to rigs that have this dill pattern as standard.

    Hope this helps, cheers AussieStig
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2015
  13. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper
    Premium Member

    Will be interesting to see how much these will cost when they go on sale.

    I looked into a similar project myself (just a pair for me) and parts alone came to almost £1400 so factoring in build time costs and R&D on these beauties and it will certainly be a largish sum of money......
  14. In Europe, the warranty will be 2 years (according to the EU laws).
  15. Looking forward to the review, however have found very little in depth reviews on Ricmotech Pedals.... so with great interest I await your review ... as I'm in the market for a hydraulic set.
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  16. Hi everybody. I wanted to comment on the warranty part of the discussion. As it turns out, real racing parts do not have a warranty of any kind. This goes for the pedals and 3 master cylinders used, which is the bulk of the assembly. The one year warranty I offer is intended to cover defects in manufacturing that result in a pre-mature failure. The one-year limit if for legal purposes. That said, I pride myself on putting together a good product and using quality components so my customers can enjoy them for many, many years. If a problem arises after the first year, just contact me and I will work to resolve it as easily as possible.
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  17. How did you make the clutch master cylinder to work as a pneumatic cylinder, did you mod the cylinder in any way or its working as stock? cause the cylinder seals will wear shortly probably if not working with brake fluid and pressure will be lost after some time...
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  18. Best looking pedal set I've ever seen, built the way I'd want to build a set. Somehow I think they'll be priced higher than I can justify, but maybe I can cash in a few years' worth of drool to buy them when I've accumulated a couple spitoons of drool after looking at the pictures...
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  19. @ricmotech thankyou for the reply.

    Please don't take my earlier comments as questioning your craft.

    My main concern was the electronics which for us simmers is our link to the sim and the #1 point of failure for most of us... as with my current pedals..
    So my question now, will we be able to purchase replacement parts after 1 year?

    We don't have to worry about Tiltons failing.. or the belleville washers wearing/breaking.. and a master cylinder rebuild kit is pennies..
  20. Frederic Schornstein

    Frederic Schornstein
    TXL Racing Premium Member

    Thats not full on warranty. After 6 month you have to prove the issue was due to production which is nearly impossible fot 99% of the customers, so usually it is offered, but after 6 month most companies could screw you if they wanted.

    My next pedals will come fron Heusinkveld. As I definetely need good support close by in case something goes wrong.