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RD club GTR Evo endurance event report & review.

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Remco de Wildt, May 24, 2010.

  1. With the successes of last May’s reintroduction of the endurance events (Race Evo) with a Nordschleife 24 laps race, for June the series moved to a new challenge; 66 laps to a Rattlesnake point track in Canada.
    After the big attendance of the year’s first event, staff was curious to know how much of the first event crowd would move from a famous endurance "cathedral" (like the Nord) to a fictional but fun/fluid track in a nature park at Ontario.

    The things couldn't have had a better prelude as the answer to the above curiosity came with a full grid and not a single non starter.:cool:

    The track

    Although the track is a conversion from the “old” Nascar 03 game, more recently it has been used mostly in rF virtual LMS events both in our club and other virtual racing clubs.
    The real location itself I suspect is little known in Europe, but it is a “Nature park” in Ontario (Canada) more known for its many golf courses, pedestrian/horse tracks than obviously any kind of motorized racing. :wink:
    The track can be described has having a bit of everything; changes of elevation, banked corners, long straights, fast opening turns, a few mid/slow speed corners and one slow corner (180º). Although not too wide, with it keeping the challenge, there are quite a few overtaking points on it.
    Above all the virtual racer feels the “flow” of the track, there is in no circumstance that unfortunately common feeling of many 90’s tracks where certain parts of the circuit clearly “trash” the flow and the virtual racer is left thinking/asking: “Who was the smart##%$ that planted that turn there? I bet he doesn’t have to do it…“.:rolleyes:
    66 laps to a 7.6 km (4.7 miles) track equals to a little above 500 km (above 300 miles).

    The conditions
    Air temperature in the event sessions moved between 32ºC to 39ºC. In race it started about 38º, climbed a little to about 1/3 distance when than it started to come down to 32ºC giving even ¼ race distance with a light drizzle (dump track) to climb again to near 40º values by race finish… a true “tropical” Canada (the nice things we can do with virtual racing?!). :rolleyes:

    Even with about 20 laps done with light rain (dump track), the event would go to be completed by the front racers in less than 3hrs implying an above 170km/h (above 100 miles/h) race-pace including pit-stops.

    The participants
    25 starters, full grid; maximum unmodified Race Evo server permitted.


    • 13 GT1 (Evo GTP); 3x C6R, 3x Viper, 3x DB9R, 1x Lister, 1x Apollo, 1x CCGT, 1x C5R.

    • 12 GT2 (Evo GTS); 8x M3, 2x C6, 1x MT900R, 1x Marcos.
    With the known (little) importance of the starting order in these kind of events, the grid order was decided in a super-pole kind of system (1 attempt, 1 timed lap each).

    The pole-position for the GT1 class was managed by J. Andias in a Corvette (C6R) with a time around 2.20 and the pole for the GT2 class was achieved by the quick Andreas in a 2.28 with another Corvette (C6).


    This class presented a field 2/3 composed of BMW M3 which likely testifies the honesty of this virtual machine and the good compromise it represents. The other 1/3 participants were a couple of Corvettes, clear class “winners” in this kind of events, together with a couple of more "courageous exotic" choices, a Mosler (MT900R)and a Marcos.
    From pole Andreas Löffler (Corvette C6) would go to basically lead from start to finish, always followed from a “safe” distance by the Bavarian “armada”. On contrary to a few of his class adversaries, Andreas went the “balanced” 2 pit-stop strategy in opposition with the more speed demanding 3 or even 4 stops (1 stop wasn’t possible in this class).
    The good “nature” of the C6 for this kind of events can be easily demonstrated by the fact that the race fastest lap went to Yuri Braham in a M3 with a 2.30.530 demonstrating with this that likely the BMW was capable of even being quicker than the C6 in a couple of laps, the problem is likely to do it in a consistent way, as the engine would run serious risks of not going the distance.
    A known “winning car” is nothing if not in competent hands, obviously some luck has to be part of it (a glitch anyone?:mad:), but luck most of the times can be searched and today it has to be recognized the BR racer didn’t put a wheel wrong. He did exactly what is asked from the C6 virtual racer; constant balanced mid rpm driving.:)
    As for the M3 armada, well they were left fighting for the rest of the podium. There were some position changes thorough the race, most of them due to different pit-strategies as there were even people on a 4 pit-stop strategy. A 4 pit-stop strategy to "work" had to require a race pace from the M3 engine that was virtually impossible to coupe for more than a few laps (if all possible). So yes, basically these virtual racers were more or less non contenders for the top spots since the word go.:redface:
    But that surely isn’t a problem, since the "endurance racing spirit" has clearly much more to do with “finishing the event no matter what”, than with the “wining it no matter what” one. So a clear mention to the last circulating cars in the class (in the GT1 too) by race finish since in all of them the true “endurance spirit” could be found.
    From usual endurance racers with “exotic” cars (far from being endurance 1st choices) couple together with little time to practice to people whit at least an handful of exits and a car with so much aerodynamic damage that the top speed surely was a lot diminished… nevertheless they crossed line bringing the class % of finishers to 66% (2/3 of the starters).
    GT2 Classification

    1. A. Löffler C6 63 laps
    2. Y. Braham M3 63 laps (cFL-2.30.530)
    3. T. Scurlock M3 63 laps
    4. D. Zafiu M3 62 laps
    5. H. Hekkenberg M3 62 laps
    6. S. Werner MT900R 62 laps
    7. G. Petersen C6 61 Laps
    8. D. Andrei M3 61 laps

    • B. Hutchins M3 36 laps (black flag after blue flag mix-up)
    • C. Sykes M3 23 laps (accident)
    • W. Hartog M3 22 laps (engine didn’t start after pit-stops)
    • B. Spoljaric Marcos 21 laps (DNF when exiting the pits)
    To an extent some of what was typed about GT2 can be typed about GT1 but… 2 important things that will make this report different:

    • This “reporter” after a successful incursion last event into the GT2 was racing in the GT1 this time (so to no surprise he has a more “clear” view about the race he was directly involved in).
    • Basically the race went to develop with all the usual characteristics of an endurance event, but on top of it, it went on to have all the characteristics more usual to a sprint event too (on contrary to many of the past events, this time the more powerful class had more close fighting for position).
    On to the car field observations; 3 Corvettes C6R, no surprise here as this is the clear all-around endurance racer of the class, it will always be a main contender in any endurance event. 3 Vipers, another endurance king, but a bit more “particular” in both its handling and engine use. 3 DB9R, the evolution sprint racer of choice for many, easy handling, a car with potential to be the fastest anywhere but the straight with a clear need to be nursed in order to finish long events.

    Starting the class “exotic” choices with a C5R, the older brother of the C6R; basically it has higher top speed but less corner speed and is more “fun” to virtual drive (all because of “cruder” aerodynamics when compared with its younger brother) and it is a true endurance racer too. The Lister, a great car, very quick (in likes of the DB9R) with the wheel on the” wrong” side (many will disagree with me) but surely not an endurance easy/friendly option. A CCGT, another car with quickness in the likes of the DB9R/Lister but even less durable, a risky (but doable) option for an endurance event. Finally an Apollo, another not much endurance friendly option, slower to most cars in the class (only the R8 is slower in straight, but this last at least is the “king” of the turns).
    Obviously all this talk about cars this, cars that is subject to the single big factor: how in the end they are virtually driven… in this event we will see cars going fast paced having no problems and cars of the same model losing the engine early even with slower race-paces but more rpm intensive demands.

    On to the race…
    The race start went “incident-less”, perhaps couple of things to mention would be that the pole sitter João failed his start, with that made his row (Sorry Dan) lose immediately positions to the inside row (2nd, 4th on the grid went to 1st & 2nd) and a few GT1 racers who didn’t manage to post a qualifying time who started behind the GT2 field had to be extra careful.
    The first initial laps are usual times for little (but sometimes costly) small errors fruit no doubt of lack of proper early concentration. A good example of this is that after is less than impressive start João went on to do a few small kitty litter excursions dropping him to the claws of than 8th placed Remco (from 1st to 7th in 2 laps… why did he do the qualify after all?).:tongue:

    First "warning"…
    By lap 7 every GT1 racer went by the right side parked smoking CCGT of early race leader Yves Larose, with this, if forgotten, everyone was remembered this wasn’t a “usual” sprint event with “dandy” 20-27ºC conditions. :frown:

    Overall Race development,
    In this class too, due to the pit-strategy of their choice, in truth a few racers were from start racing for more secondary positions. Here 1 pit-stop was possible but not advisable due to high temperatures required from the FR tyre. 2 Pit-stops were again it seems ideal. Like in the less powerful class, 3 or more pit-stop “users” needed a race pace quicker to what they actually achieved in order to compete directly with the 2 “stop’rs”.
    Throughout the race, especially in the last about 15 laps there would be direct fight for positions for both top and the last podium spots. Noticed also near the end was the "losing" of the 5th spot by a “hurt” Lister (Steve Crossland) to a “calm & collected” Remco (our appreciated event organizer) in a DB9R (finishing in a Lister is achievement in itself, 5th or 6th it doesn’t matter much). A very "modified" C5R was the last circulating GT1 survivor crossing the line in 8th leaving the class survivors % a little above 60%.
    As for the fight for the top spot of the podium (& in the side lines the fight for the last spot on the podium)… I’m a bit “suspect” to be typing about it, but I think it is something worth describing since it was a "first" in all 7 endurance events in the club to date.
    The start of the long "sprint" :wink:
    In short, after Yves incident (lap 7) Abdul Ahmed (C6R) was left in control of the event… due above all to the dual factor of pit-stop strategy & car choice (Corvette+2 stops the same as Abdul), the only “natural” contender for that same spot was João, navigating at the time in 7th… Near the end of the first stint (near the time when the rain was about to make its appearance), João surfaced in 2nd about 10 seconds behind the race leader.
    Things to notice:

    • João & Abdul are/were team-mates in some championships here in the house (EndUrance team).
    • The car (C6R) and pit-strategy is fundamentally the same…
    • The setup isn’t… although both know well how to take advantage of the C6R engine; the setup is different as they both know/knew. Abdul has/had a more aerodynamically supported car; João has/had his usual (for him) very low wing setup.
    João arrives in second near the end of first stint; Abdul is about 10 seconds in front. To the first pit-stop he goes to gain little time to him. ​
    First pit-stop,
    João is 2nd and has about an 8 second deficit to Abdul. Abdul puts less fuel (started heavier) but receives a stop & go for speeding exiting the pits. With this he drops to 2nd and looses overall 25 seconds dropping to about 14 seconds behind João.
    Now for the 2nd stint, the conditions changed, the track is dump, and a car with more aerodynamic support is clearly more responsive in these conditions. Remember, Abdul has the higher wing setup…
    João goes to lose about 1 sec a lap to Abdul although he is gaining on everyone else on track. Abdul catches João nearing the end of the stint.
    By this time the rain stops and the track is drying. With Abdul racing very near, João who uses is “hearing” for changing gears takes the 1st & 2nd corner one gear up, goes wide, Abdul thanks the error and moves to the front. By now the track is almost dry João stays on top of Abdul (less than a second) until the final pit-stop.
    Final stint;
    Abdul stops earlier, João does 2 more laps since the tyres were good (due to the cold temperatures during the rain). He knows that by stopping earlier Abdul will gain time (earlier stop is always the early gainer), but knows that by the end of the race he will have better tyres.
    João exit the pits, after 1 lap of warming up, Abdul is 7 second in front… 21 laps to the finish, an about 1hr sprint race just started.
    At first the things were fast; best lap after best lap, both doing many low 23’s with some 22 high from João’s side (these times wouldn’t be much to notice, if it wasn’t already above 2hrs of racing, lap 56 and such).
    Another 2 things to notice:

    • The temperature was again going up, front right outside tyre was going to 120º C, in fact at least in João’s car all tyre outsides were at times above 100ºC.
    • The beauty of multi-class racing; the luck where one would catch a car to lap… A GT2 car in a straight is one thing, if on the quick S’ part, it is clearly another… That is the why for some time the difference oscillated between 4-5 seconds; it all went down where each one would catch a car to lap.
    The finale
    On top of all this who do we have to give lap?.. 3rd and 4th (Dan & Caramidaru) who are fighting also a few seconds apart by race finish for the last podium spot.
    One has to remember that not everyone has the same "race awareness"… from a 4 seconds distance I see Abdul struggle with Caramidaru’s Viper (4th taking a lap). Abdul does a small mistake (notice that without pressure there would likely be no mistakes), Abdul lets the Viper go in front, the Viper lets Abdul move in front again… I use the Viper high top speed to draft me within 1.5 seconds of Abdul.
    Now João has to deal with of the Viper himself since Abdul is “after” the Viper… The Viper wants Dan’s 3rd place (DB9R) who is in front of Abdul
    The Viper is very fast going straight, João forces the overtake (clean move) to the ViperCaramidaru has a small exit in the 2nd corner, now Dan’s 3rd is safe. João is finally on top of Abdul but there aren’t many laps left…
    As to be expected, João’s car is faster on the quick parts (straights & fast S’), Abdul gains in the middle part of the track. In the last 2 laps the cars come side by side the same amount of times, the pass isn’t made… the last chance after the quick lefthander before the final section, fails…
    An above 500 km event finished with .1 of a second difference between the fair winner Abduland João 2nd placed who surely must have wished for more laps...:cool:

    Even with sprint racing, it doesn’t come much closer than that, especially if we think exclusively about fighting for 1st… A 2nd is a just that, not the winner, but I’ve to admit that when compared with my past 5 of 6 RD endurance events victories, this virtual racing 2nd was surely “the” one event result to remember. It all just adds to the brilliance of Abdul’s victory, it was all attack since about lap 15… same car, same tactic, a few mistakes, very little excuses :cool:
    GT1 Classification

    1. A. Ahmed C6R 66 laps
    2. J. Andias C6R 66 laps (cFL- 2.22.885)
    3. D. Coldrick DB9R 66 laps
    4. C. Bogdan Viper 65 laps
    5. R. de Wildt DB9R 65 laps
    6. S. Crossland Lister 65 laps
    7. J. Chesters Viper 64 laps
    8. O. Kapal C5R 63 laps

    • M. Szabo Viper 40 laps (Engine – too much cumulative rpm going up)
    • K. Kokkonen C6R 35 laps (Engine – too much cumulative rpm going up)
    • J. de Boer Apollo 17 laps (Tech problem- no FFB)
    • Y. Larose CCGT 6 laps (Engine- too much cumulative rpm going down)
    • E. James DB9R 3 laps (Accident and consequent engine failure)
    All in all another fine endurance event, one clearly aimed to those who like to fully test their virtual racing skills in every aspect. It gave time to do it all, the best & the worst and as usual to finish it was in itself a major achievement. To all who did it a genuine congratulation, for those with little or no luck, don’t give up as it is well known, many times we learn more important things from 3rd lap DNF than a 66 lap win :wink:
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  3. Entry list

    1. GT Pro: Remco de Wildt
    2. GT Pro: Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan
    3. GT Pro: Abdul Ahmed
    4. GT Pro: Dan Coldrick
    5. GT Pro: Kimmo Kokkonen
    6. GT Pro: Yves Larose
    7. GT Pro: João Andias
    8. GT Pro: Steve Crossland
    9. GT Pro: Jakob de Boer
    10. GT Pro: Ondrej Kapal
    11. GT Pro: James Chesters
    12. GT Pro: Michal Szabo
    13. GT Sport: Borna Spoljaric
    14. GT Sport: Andreas Löffler
    15. GT Sport: Bob Hutchins
    16. GT Sport: Chris Sykes
    17. GT Sport: David Zafiu
    18. GT Sport: Jason Staerck
    19. GT Sport: Stefan Werner
    20. GT Sport: Tyler Scurlock
    21. GT Sport: Glenn Petersen
    22. GT Sport: Hugo Hekkenberg
    23. GT Sport: Yuri Braham
    24. GT Sport: Eurico Marques
    25. GT Sport: Dinca Andrei
    Reserve list

    1. GT Pro:
    2. GT Pro:
    3. GT Pro:
    4. GT Sport: Neil Tasker
    5. GT Sport: Nigel Middleton
    6. GT Sport: Wesley Hartog
  4. Skins

    There is already a skinpack available from last endurance race. I will update that pack to make it complete. So drivers who sign up for this race and did attend the last endurance at the Nord dont have to add a skin if they want to use the same.

    Skinpack released!
    Click here to download

    Delete any previous versions of this skinpack first!
    (Delete folder: Skinpack 500k Enduro Club 21-05-2010)

    Extract the file into C:\My Documents\SimBin\RACE 07\CustomSkins

    GT Pro

    Dave Stephenson

    Kimmo Kokkonen

    Remco de Wildt

    Michal Szabo

    James Chesters

    Marcel vd Aa

    Giorgos Davakos

    GT Sport

    Andreas Löffler

    David Zafiu

    Stefan Werner

    Tyler Scurlock

    Abdul Ahmed

    Glenn Peterson
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  6. Sign ups are open :)

    If you sign up please be aware of the following.

    • It is a VERY long endurance event. If you tend to leave an event after a minor crash, you should NOT sign up. It is for the hardcore enduro guys who can manage with the occasional "you have a suspension problem" message.
    • If you sign up we expect you to be there! A no show will be awarded with infraction points.

    Sign up format
    Driver: Remco de Wildt
    Class: GT Pro
    Skin: "Downloadlink" or "Same as previous enduro event"
    If you use a previous enduro skin or a new one, in either cases please add a picture to your post.
  7. Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan

    Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan
    Mr. C Premium

    sign me up

    Driver : Caramidaru Andrei Bogdan
    Class :GT Pro
    Skin : new one , i will give a heads up
  8. Dave Stephenson

    Dave Stephenson
    Technical Administrator Staff Premium

    Driver: Dave Stephenson
    Class: GT Pro
    Skin: "Same as previous enduro event"
  9. Driver: Eric Kaczmarek
    Class: GT Pro
    Skin: default
  10. Driver: Kimmo Kokkonen
    Class: GT Pro
    Skin: "Same as previous enduro event"
  11. Yves Larose

    Yves Larose

  12. Everyone is taking Pro's I will take Pro's too... maybe later I've for trade :rolleyes:

    D:João Andias
    C: GT Pro
    S : I love original SimBin skins :redface:
  13. It will also be a double point event. You should add that somewhere in the first post :)
  14. shame i wont be at home for this so let me wish all you enduro fanatics best luck
  15. Marcel vd Aa

    Marcel vd Aa
    AC Paint Guru

    Driver : Marcel vd Aa
    Car: GT-Pro
    Skin: Will add later
  16. Driver: Ondrej Kapal
    Class: GT Pro
    Skin: If I will be able to do some I will post it later

    I have tried this track so far, and it suits me well :)
  17. Driver : James Chesters
    Class : GT Pro
    Skin : here
  18. Driver: Michal Szabo
    Class: GT Pro
    Skin: "Same as previous enduro event"