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RCT: Ross Brawn's Plan

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Bram, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. Bram

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    Bram Hengeveld submitted a new blog post:

    RCT: Ross Brawn's Plan

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  2. haha :laugh:
  3. Don't know what the last section should mean, but i got it as Brawn hoping for Schumacher to get hurt. If that is how its ment, its not fun at all. I like these cartoons tho. But this seems to have got a bit too "evil" and thats a shame. joking with others health is not funny.
  4. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    Brawn sees his crash, and in frustration prays "please god!" (Please may Hamilton choose us!) If Hamilton comes to Mercedes, Schumi is out ;)

    He is not praying for a crash on Schumi.
  5. Nice work, but i dont agree, because i dont think Hamilton will put mercedes in front, its easy, look at the first half of 2009 season, when mclaren had a "medium' car, and hamilton didnt win, or score good results.

    Mercedes problems is on the car, not the drivers. This year the car was winning at China and Monaco, just two rounds.

    Despite Barcelona and Singapore Michael had a good driving in the season, he improved a lot compared to last season in qualifying, he is beating Rosberg by 8 X 6.
  6. Exactly.

    Hamilton's decision:
    Success => McLaren
    Money => Mercedes
  7. You seem to forget the Brawn GP car. They somehow nailed it and produced a championship winning car for at least half a season. That could happen again since it's the same team with Mercedes backing... With a top level driver like Hamilton winning a championship is very possible. Also consider that for 2014 its going to be almost a level playing field due to the rule changes...
  8. The Brawn GP car was developed by Honda before they left the sport. Honda developed the double diffuser which was they key to their early success. Has little to do with Brawn and his current team.
  9. Good one Omer :laugh: ....and i fully agree(altough sadly) that the MS and Ross Brawn relatioship isnt what it used to be :(

    According to the latest rumors, it does appear that Merc Gp are on the verge of replacing MS if LH does indeed decides to go after the cash and not glory....which of course will forever solidify my opnion that LH is just a hot lapper
  10. Apart from the (pre DSQ) 3rd in Australia, and the 4th in Bahrain?
  11. 3-7-6-4-9-12-13-16-18

    to bad
  12. Lewis Hamilton just a hotlapper? I'm not one of these Brits that thinks Hamilton is the best driver in F1 because I don't think he is at the moment. But he is definitely not just a hotlapper. In Singapore he was managing the gap to Vettel perfectly, his race pace was very good. Same story in Monza and Hungary and Canada. At the moment though despite the fact I don't really like him Alonso is the best driver in F1. I think Hamilton's move to Mercedes would make sense for 2014 but I fail to see why he couldn't have convinced them to keep Schumacher for another year and then sign him for 2014. Maybe this wasn't possible but someone with Hamilton's reputation for a team like Mercedes you would have thought it would have been possible.
  13. its very simple Scott...LH is indeed a very talented qualifier,but as an overall driver his package lacks massively

    He simply doesnt posses the capacity,brains,hard work or maturity to carry and move a team forward like MS did .....i predict the career highlight of this dude will be retiring MS...watch and you'll see..

    its absolutely redicilously hilarious some people on this site dare call him a Legend.....even though he hasnt achieved anything,other then one misly WDC in a very unconvincing and shaky manner,riddled with mistakes
  14. Everyone seem to forget how he matched a newly crowned 2-time world champion in his rookie year..
    You cant do that if you only are good at qualifying.

    It's also bullshit Schumacher was the reason for Ferrari sucess...
    What about Ferraris money, Fiorano, Todt, Brawn, unlimited testing, and last but not least, Rory Byrne....
    Whi do you think designed his Bennetton??

    How come schumi havent built up Mercedes? Ahh begause you see it's not that straight forward.
  15. People say schumi this schumi that. The only true teammate he's had was piquet and he retired.
    Other then that he's had chumps as teammates, eating all of the pie for himself.

    As soon as another team had the car to beat him they did.
    Alonso retired him, Hamilton will probably too.

    How many champions have schumi had as teammate? One. And he was an old fart.
    Hamilton has had two already and matched both of them fair and square.
    Now Schumi has a respectable teammate and where is he?
    Running into people like he's senile.

    2 years beaten everywhere, then ths year 8-6 in Qualifying.
  16. Only reason he matched Alonso was that he was McLaren's protege and got all the favours.
    If they had treated both drivers the same Alonso would have driven rounds around Hamilton.
    McLaren needed Hamilton to score big time in his rookie year, if only for the sponsors, you can't spent millions on a driver's development and let him flunk it.
    And don't get me wrong, I am not a Ferrari fan and Hamilton is a decent driver for sure, but Alonso is the best of the lot these last years in my humble opinion.
  17. [​IMG]
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  18. its a well known fact that Ron Dennis disliked Alonso massively,because RD is just this misarble egomaniac that put a damper on this team for ages

    Why sign Alonso if LH was putting up the numbers in the simulator?........sponsorship money ,thats why

    Alonso joined in as a 2time WDC,yet they let Hamilton race him,why?...its a joke..totally disfunctional way to operate a F1 team with such high profile talent and car
  19. They let Hamilton race him because they have morale.
    The only team with equal chance to both drivers as history has proven.

    Why sign Button a world champion when they already had one?
    Because they CAN.
  20. ...thats why they won in 07,right?,according to your logic....and they could've,easily,had there been a N1 status driver

    they signed Button,cuz he is a great team player...or simply said: an obedient sheep
    and of course the fact that Ross Brawn was effing him with the contract,so he jumped ship