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RBR Export Problem

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Eric Tozer, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. I've been testing my new xpack & have found that some objects are not visible after export to RBR.
    All work fine in rFactor.

    All the objects that do not work have their Shader type set to "Diffuse & Specular".

    Objects set to "Diffuse Only" are ok.
    Objects set to "Diffuse Bump & Specular" are fine too.

    The objects are there as i can crash into them.
    They are just not rendering.
    The render box is ticked.

    Can anyone else confirm this problem?

    I am running Vista64, NV8600GT, 0.800 BTBPro


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  2. yes, i had a wall which disappeared why exporting to rfactor.it in btb , check the tabs and all was on.

  3. Brendon Pywell

    Brendon Pywell
    Bob's Track Builder

    Thanks - just a shader issue, will fix in next patch.