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RBR digital download question

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Will Marquez, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. Hi guys.

    Was wondering if there was any way to get a digital download of this game from the internet? Or is the only way to get it from a boxed version?

  2. Thanks Robin. I'll look around for one.

  3. Cool thanks Bart. :good:
  4. No FFB in RBR

    Didn't want to make another thread.

    But got another question. I downloaded and installed the game. However in game everything works fine except I cannot feel the FFB. I tried restarting the game with everything hooked up and still nothing. Any ideas?
  5. Its all good guys. Was able to figure it out. Installed the patches and now have FFB in the game. :)

    Total Noob when it comes to this game. Will put a bit more time into it after I'm done with the F1s in RDFOC this weekend. But already have installed RSRBR2009 so I guess I'm headed in the right direction.

    Is there a way to make FFB in game similar to the feel of RACE ON? I'll look around but just thought I would ask you guys as well. :)

    editted: Just saw the next page on the RBR forums here and saw a thread regarding the FFB and wheel settings. Oops! Should've looked first. :p
  6. Good to see you making progress Will. I use the FFB settings / advice from that RBR thread and it feels rather good to me. Driving these Rally cars is very different though, nothing like the usual Circuit style driving, and not easy either. In these cars, you just have to get used to how hard you can push and throw it around, and even then it depends on the specific car, track surface, and weather. Make sure you work your way through the Rally School though, the lessons are invaluable.

    Now, to get the practice and experience, head over to the RBR Club events and join in. Don't worry if you crash a lot, we all do it regularly, but we still have fun comparing / discussing how we mangled the car, went over a cliff, slammed a tree, barrel rolled it, etc.
    We would love to see more guys from the US join us, Aaron is working hard to get the RBR Club humming, but he has been driving alone in the US timezone. He'd love some company in these Rally's and on TeamSpeak.
  7. Thanks Warren. I actually used the FFB settings/advice from that thread and for me it improved the handling alot. Put in a little bit more time into it last night. And I've been missing out. Its alot of fun.

    Is it possible for a moderator to change the title of this thread to "RBR questions" or something? And I have alot of questions about RBR. Didn't want to make another thread. But if not no worries. :)
  8. I'd suggest opening new threads for your questions, they often become useful for others who are seeking the same info.
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