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RBR and Logitech Driving force EX Wheel

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Chris Johnson, May 16, 2012.

  1. Hi there. I am new to RBR Rally, and am using a Logitech G20 Driving Force EX Wheel, Being new, I tend to crash a lot, and was wondering if there is any way to map the ESC key on keyboard to a button on the wheel. In the same way, can the arrow up/down and enter keys be mapped to the wheel buttons? This would make navigating the menus in RBR much quicker.

    I have tried mapping the keystrokes to buttons on the wheel in the profiler, after creating a new RBR profile, but when in the simulation menus, the buttons do not work.

    Many thanks

  2. Esc is bound to a button on my G27 by default. Haven't tried with the arrows, but it should be possible. If nothing else, you can try with the Logitech Profiler.

    Are you using RSRBR? Might be the reason why your settings aren't saved. If they aren't saved.
  3. Hi Subasic and thanks for your quick reply. I must be doing something terribly wrong here. Its as if the RBR game is taking no notice of the profiler at all. I will have to keep searching, as I'm obviously missing a brain somewhere, lol. Have tried setting up RBR and RSRBR but neither seems to work when in the menus.

    It OK now, I needed to select RBR as persistant profile and stop RBR from controlling bprofiller. Much better now! Thanks again!!
  4. Haven't tried the profiler myself, I just assumed it would work. Hope someone who knows what they're talking about shows up :)

    In the meantime, go through the rally school, very helpful. Also, follow the sage advice on the screen, "if you're crashing all the time, you're going too fast".
    RBR is a bit more complicated than your run of the mill rally games, so go easy, and build up speed as you get to know the car and stages.

    I couldn't connect two corners when I started. Not that I'm much better now :D
  5. Ill heed your advice!

    I like driving the old Escort MK11 2100 (Im an old timer myself) In RSRBR I notice that at the start (Even if you "Floor it"), the car takes ages to get to 10mph (Like 2 secs or so), whereas all the other newer cars instantly respond if you "Floor it" (Like wheel spin) Is this a character of the Escort? (Not getting a fast start) or is it a physics issue? I used the escort in the download all cars pack from RSRBR.

    Thanks Chris
  6. It's the physics/car model thing.
    The Escort is rear wheel drive, most others are all wheel drive. Little grip off the line, so go easy on the throttle, to avoid spinning the wheels and taking ages to get to 10mph.

    Rear wheel drive cars have some issues in RBR in general.
  7. Okies, Cheers for that!
  8. chris as you are prob aware, the rear wheel drives have no handbrake, well they do its on the front wheels! the RW drives are actually a front wheel drive made to run backwards. this also ( ithink) makes the setups back to front. Good luck and see u on the stages